Thoughts on Failed Princesses Volume 2

The second volume of Ajiichi’s Failed Princesses manga sees both lead characters getting quite emotional and acting without really thinking. They have consequences to face because of that.
A new character is also introduced who is very fond of Kurokawa, much to the chagrin of Fujishiro.
This volume contains chapters seven through to twelve.

Failed Princesses Volume 2

Front cover of the second volume of Failed Princesses, featuring Nanaki Fujishiro and Kanade Kurokawa

Two girls… one plain… the other stylish and popular!
After her makeover, Kurokawa continues her journey to cuteness! Just as her resistance to dressing up begins to fade, Fujishiro invites her to the pool – and tells her something she never expected to hear!

With the previous volume, I felt that Nanaki felt of Kanade as some kind of cuteness project. She gets a lot better about that in this volume, where it becomes far more evident that she harbours some kind of feelings for Kanade.
The evidence of this has to come from Nanaki’s fantastic outburst. One that does admittedly result in her being suspended from school for a week, but the actions she takes during that event are almost cathartic.

It’s not only Nanaki who has grown, though. Another emotional outburst, this time from Kanade, results in her confronting certain people who are badmouthing Nanaki. Kanade does need a little help to get out of that situation, but the fact she stepped forward is sign of her growth.
Both girls have changed from their initial appearances, and that is almost certainly due to their influence on each other.

Going back to Nanaki, it becomes even more clearer that she feels something for Kanade when Iroha Akazawa is introduced into the story. Iroha is Kanade’s childhood friend, and is very affectionate towards her. Nanaki does not like that one bit.
I like Iroha’s character, too. Besides being incredibly cute, she also does not give a damn about the cliques at school. Some girls try to warn her off being friendly with Kanade, but Iroha just tells them she doesn’t care.

I had some slight reservations about the first volume, particularly when it came to Nanaki. However, those have completely vanished with this second volume, in which both characters have grown. The addition of Iroha makes things even more interesting, as it seems like Nanaki’s going to have to face her true feelings sooner rather than later.
A fantastic continuation of the Failed Princesses story.

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