Thoughts on Goodbye, My Rose Garden Volume 3

The story of Dr. Pepperco’s Goodbye, My Rose Garden concludes with the third volume of the manga. Hanako has learned of Alice’s secret, but the two still have plenty left to overcome. This volume contains chapter twelve through to seventeen, which is the final chapter.

Goodbye, My Rose Garden Volume 3

Front cover of the third volume of Goodbye, My Rose Garden, featuring Alice Douglas and Hanako Kujou

The last goodbye
Alice has finally revealed her secret to Hanako: she is Victor Franks! Yet secrets that must be kept still abound, and family, status, and love bind Alice like thorns. Will she and Hanako ever be free? The beautiful and stirring finale of Goodbye, My Rose Garden!

The story concludes in this chapter, and it somewhat bookends it with Alice making the very same request she made to Hanako back at the beginning. Actually, I was pretty convinced things were going to end on a downer for quite a while whilst reading this volume.
Things like status and family honour seem like they’ll interfere with what Alice really wants, and she doesn’t particularly show any sign of resisting that for the majority of this volume.

Granted, she does shed tears over the whole, as too as does Hanako. I can see why Dr. Pepperco opted for the story to go the way it does, though; it’s a steady build up to the climax. If you factor in all those involved who are affected in some way, I guess you could consider this story somewhat bittersweet.

Much like the previous volumes, Oscar Wilde is mentioned once again. Also of note is a mention of the Pankhursts and the suffragettes, which gives a pretty good indication of when in history this story is based.

So yeah, Goodbye, My Rose Garden is a pretty compelling yuri story. Alice and Hanako are great lead characters, and the setting presents some interesting challenges for the pair to overcome together. There are some pretty great supporting characters, too.
I’m unaware of any other yuri stories that are set in early 20th century England, so Goodbye, My Rose Garden is pretty unique in that regard. Definitely worth a look.

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  1. alsmangablog says:

    I was so glad that this manga ended happily for our leading-ladies, I was also a little nervous at points that this was going to end in tragedy. It is a bit of an open-ended conclusion, though. I’d love it if we got a sequel at some point that explores what happens to them afterwards.

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