Otherside Picnic Episode 10: The In-Between

Sorawo, Toriko, Kozakura and Akari decide to go to a Japanese barbecue restaurant in this episode of Otherside Picnic. This one is an anime original, written by Iori Miyazawa. For those who don’t remember, Iori Miyazawa is the author the light novels.


Sorawo sees something odd in her mirror

Another anime original story means I have nothing to compare this episode against, but I can certainly offer my opinions on it.
The plot of this episode sees Sorawo and Toriko going to a barbecue place. Toriko also invites Kozakura and Akari. When Akari goes ahead, she ends up in the in between world once again, so Sorawo and Toriko decide to rescue her. Kozakura unwittingly joins them.

Toriko & Sorawo

Toriko and Sorawo discover that Akari has got herself lost

Something that comes as a relief to light novel readers like myself happens early on in the episode. Sorawo and Toriko discuss the stranded American soldiers, and their desire to rescue them. That means we’ll be getting that chapter adapted. The chronology of the anime puts it much later than in the light novel, but, hey, at least we’re finally getting around to it.


Kozakura discovers that she unwittingly joined a trip to the in-between world

Though it may be anime original, this episode certainly feels like something that could have been lifted straight from the light novels. You’d kind of hope for that, considering Iori Miyazawa wrote it…
Kozakura is great in this episode… though to be fair, Kozakura is great in every episode.

Cracked Mirror

The mirror cracks

It is not the Otherside that Sorawo, Toriko and Kozakura end up in this time, but the world in between. This is the second time we’ve witnessed it, after the whole ninja cat thing. Has quite an ominous vibe to it, in a different way from the Otherside.
Actually, the scene with the TVs gives it a similar vibe to H.N. Elly’s Labyrinth from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Sorawo's eye

Sorawo’s eye doing something rather interesting here

Overall a pretty good episode, though that chase scene might just be a little awkward. To be fair, though, I wouldn’t exactly say Otherside Picnic has the best animation of this season. It’s only a small section of the episode, though, and this one puts on a pretty strong showing elsewhere.
I’d even go so far as to say that this episode is even better than a few that have been adapted from the light novels.

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2 Responses to Otherside Picnic Episode 10: The In-Between

  1. OG-Man says:

    Creepy stuff as always. Most excellent.

    Sorawo still protective of her special spot.

    So Satsuki is pretty much Persephone. Good to know.

    Neat way to show Sorawo and Kozakura care about their friends deep down

  2. FoundOnWeb says:

    I just realized that the key graphic for the series (with The Girls, Kozakura, and Akari) also shows a shimenawa rope and saisenbako collection box up at the top. Clearly from the Kisaragi rescue episode. It was staring us in the face all along.

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