Thoughts on Scarlet Volume 2

The second volume of Chiri Yuino’s Scarlet manga concludes the story of Finé and Iris, in a suitably bloody manner. Well, I say concludes, but… we’ll get to that.
This second volume contains chapters six through to eleven, plus one extra chapter.

Scarlet Volume 2

Front cover of the second volume of Scarlet, featuring Finé Hera and Iris Redhood

A love that will devour them whole
Finé is under a terrible curse that causes her to transform into a bloodthirsty monster. Her werewolf lover Iris is determined to help Finé become human again… if only because Iris wishes to eat her. But when their enemies start moving against them, Finé loses control of the monster within. Can Iris bring her back from the brink?
The thrilling conclusion to a supernatural yuri romance!

To say that Scarlet‘s story concludes in this volume might be a little generous. The story is brought to an end, true, but it definitely feels like something forced Chiri Yuino to end it before its time. There are a few loose plot threads, and the ending itself doesn’t particularly offer any closure.
Which is a damn shame, actually, because Scarlet definitely had some great potential going for it. There’s so much more we could have had from Finé and Iris, but apparently it just wasn’t supposed to be.

But, hey, if you want bloody violence and a lot of lesbian sex, this volume will tick those boxes. That’s pretty much been par for the course for this story, and perhaps that played a part in the manga ending before it should have. I can’t say for certain, though, presumably only those involved on working on the manga know for sure.
So many interesting ideas that ultimately went nowhere.

I will say that I did enjoy the content of this volume, but the abrupt ending certainly soured my opinion of Scarlet a bit. There is good stuff here, but I can’t really recommend it for anybody who wants a satisfying conclusion.
The worst thing is that Scarlet never really got a chance to realise its full potential. Until the abrupt ending, I was fully on board with what the story was presenting to me.

Such a shame. I do hope I see the name Chiri Yuino again in the future, though. I’m interested in what kinds of works they can come up with.

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