Otherside Picnic Episode 9: Sannuki-san and Karateka

With this episode of Otherside Picnic, we delve into stuff that I haven’t read yet. The reason for that is simply because I’m waiting for the physical release of the second omnibus.
Akari Seto returns in this episode, and once again she is seeking help from Sorawo.

Sorawo and Toriko

Sorawo’s hair is a recurring theme throughout this episode

In this episode, Kozakura calls Sorawo and Toriko over to her place. There, they find Akari Seto waiting for them, once again wanting Sorawo’s help.
It’s not Akari who has a supernatural problem this time, but a friend of hers by the name of Natsumi Ichikawa. Akari takes Sorawo and Toriko to visit Natsumi, where they soon encounter the phenomenon themselves.

Akari Seto

Akari Seto, AKA Karateka

Don’t know about anyone else, but choosing to adapt a chapter from the third volume of the light novels feels a little odd to me. I guess they really wanted to bring Akari back, despite still having unfinished business from the second volume…
On that note, the second volume is where Sorawo decides to start calling Akari “Karateka”. That comes at the start of a chapter I would really like to see adapted, though I’m not sure whether we’ll get it.


Only a brief appearance from Kozakura this time round

I know that this adapts a chapter from the light novel, but there are some things that feel a little off to me. First is Kozakura allowing a complete stranger into her house. I guess it’s possible that Akari mentioned Satsuki and that’s how she got in.
However, having Sorawo and Toriko meet Akari at Kozakura’s place feels a little pointless, because they aren’t there for long. Sorawo and Akari could have had their conversation somewhere quiet at their university.
There is another thing that doesn’t feel quite right for me, but I’ll get to that when it comes up.

Natsumi Ishikawa

Natsumi Ichikawa, AKA Nattsun

Whilst some things may not quite feel the way I expected them to, I can say that I liked Nattsun. She and Karateka are particularly close, as becomes evident towards the end of the episode. The phenomenon she’s experiencing is quite the interesting one,too.

Kano Sannuki

Kano Sannuki

Our supernatural phenomenon is Kano Sannuki, kind of like an evil tooth fairy. However, this part if where another thing I kind of take issue with comes up.
Sorawo uses her eye on Akari again. Now, by the end of the second volume of the light novels, she has resolved to never use her eye again an another human, because it messes them up badly.
I could understand in an emergency situation, but this episode does not convey that sense of urgency. Karateka wasn’t exactly cowering on the spot when faced with Kano Sannuki.
Again, I haven’t the chapter that this episode adapts, so perhaps it feels the same way in the light novel.

Toriko touches Sorawo's hair

Sorawo’s hair comes up again

We come back to the subject of Sorawo’s hair, and who she might just resemble if she were to grow it out. Seems like a certain someone still has some kind of hold over Toriko and Akari, if you ask me.

So yeah, some things felt kind off for me in this episode, based on what I’ve experienced from volumes one and two of the light novels. Perhaps it’s a case of the anime not exactly conveying this chapter all that well, but I’m not sure some of the characters would have done the stuff we saw them do this time around.
On the bright side, though, Kano Sannuki and Akari putting her karate to use were pretty good.

Next time, another anime original episode written by Iori Miyazawa.

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1 Response to Otherside Picnic Episode 9: Sannuki-san and Karateka

  1. OG-Man says:

    Nice to meet Akari’s sexy redhead mechanic future girlfriend. Nattsun had many reasons to feel stressed, like Akari being swept off her feet by a hot chick. Oh, and a very cruel curse.

    Psycho-Killer Akari destroying the evil tooth fairy was freakin’ badass!

    The plot thickens between Sorawo, Toriko and Satsuki. I’m sure things will work out between them but the road to happiness will be even bumpier than before now.

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