Thoughts on If I Could Reach You Volume 5

Uta and Kaoru finally have a heart-to-heart in the fifth volume of tMnR’s If I Could Reach You. Sharing the spotlight for this volume is also Chloe and Miyabi.
This volume contains chapters twenty-one through to twenty-five.

If I Could Reach You Volume 5

Front cover of the fifth volume of If I Could Reach You, featuring Uta

Uta has been trying to move on from her crush on Kaoru, but it hasn’t been easy. Things only get more complicated when, acting on some advice from a friend, Kaoru decides to have a heart-to-heart with Uta… Meanwhile, Chloe finds she’s thinking harder than ever about what Miyabi means to her, and what she wants the two of them to be.

This volume of If I Could Reach You has two distinctive tones. One is dramatic, and the other is more light-hearted.
Naturally, Uta and Kaoru are the ones bringing the drama, especially after they finally take the time to sit down and actually talk to each other. I think the result of that particular conversation is something that neither of them want, yet they both seem to accept it.
Yeah, there’s not much in the way in happiness when it comes to Uta and Kaoru in this volume.

Which is why the focus on Chloe and Miyabi’s relationship is such a nice contrast to the drama going on. Their Valentine date is a lot of fun, and Chloe shows she has a surprisingly cute side.
The way Chloe feels about Miyabi is also pretty much out in the open, though she herself denies it. Seems like everyone else can pick up on it, though.
Unfortunately the fun times can only last so long, so after a really light-hearted section with Chloe and Miyabi, we return to the drama with Uta and Kaoru.

I will say said drama is pretty compelling, though. Uta has said what she needed to say, but I don’t think that Kaoru has processed her own feelings on the matter just yet.
As a side note, there’s a small event that seems to be setting up Reiichi for a fall. Previous volumes have dropped hints that he may not be entirely devoted to Kaoru, and then Uta goes and discovers a little something about his past.
I do feel the story taking that route would be a little too obvious, though, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

More compelling drama from the fifth volume of If I Could Reach You, but for me it is Chloe and Miyabi who steal the show this time around. Those two are so good together, and it’s nice to see that Chloe is becoming more serious about their relationship.

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