Otherside Picnic Episode 7: Resort Night at the Beach of the End

After their most recent trip into the Otherside, Sorawo and Toriko find themselves in Okinawa. They decide to make the most of it, at least until strange phenomena starts happening around them yet again.

Toriko and Sorawo

Toriko and Sorawo relaxing on the beach

This episode adapts chapter 6 of the light novel, “Resort Night at the Beach of the End”. Sorawo and Toriko find themselves in Okinawa, and they decide to use the opportunity to kick back and relax. However, things soon go awry with them once again unintentionally venturing into the Otherside.

Sorawo discovers Toriko sleeps naked

Sorawo discovers Toriko sleeps naked

So, yeah, we’re getting a beach episode. Whilst this may be adapted from the light novel, once again things are being told out of order. Presumably we will see chapter 5 adapted eventually, particularly as it is pretty much a continuation of what we got in the two previous episodes.
As this is a beach episode, I suppose it’s only right to share these:SorawoToriko

Their swimsuits are a little less conservative compared to what the light novel gives us. A good enough interpretation, I guess.

Sorawo practices shooting

Sorawo practices shooting

Oh, remember when Sorawo acquired an M4 CQBR? No? Well, that’s hardly surprising, because the chapter where that happened (chapter 5) has not been adapted yet. This is an inconsistency that the anime just kind of glances over. Perhaps adapting chapters out of order causes more trouble than it is worth.

Sorawo and Toriko

Toriko shoots

Things get more bizarre after the shooting practice, because Sorawo and Toriko are in the Otherside, after all. This is true to the chapter from the light novel, too, though what Sorawo sees in the anime doesn’t quite match up the description she gives in the light novel. That one doesn’t matter too much, though.

Sorawo sees someone

Sorawo catches a glimpse of something, or rather, someone

This episode ends with Sorawo spotting something. In the anime, Sorawo seems to not quite believe it. In the light novel, she has no doubts.

Putting aside the M4 inconsistency, this episode did a solid job of adapting chapter 6 of the light novel. Certain small details were either changed or just left out, but nothing that would have a major impact on the story.
So overall, good episode.

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4 Responses to Otherside Picnic Episode 7: Resort Night at the Beach of the End

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Had a lot of fun with it! I wonder if next week will be the CATastrophe? They might just be skipping that chapter altogether. But we might be going back there anyways. It’s a bit odd order of events, and you do wonder why they’re doing it, when it’s not like they’ve done a terrible job of adapting what they do adapt (though I guess the space time chapter was pretty condensed). But I’m enjoying myself so far, and I think it works fine for people who haven’t read the LNs.

  2. FoundOnWeb says:

    Nice catch on the M4 CQBR anachronism. I didn’t even notice. I do note that she got her contact back. I guess they left out the part where everybody’s scratching around on the ground looking for it.

  3. FoundOnWeb says:

    I’ve been thinking about the way they’ve been doing the sequencing, and I wonder if it might be due to scheduling issues, rather than directorial …er… direction. There are so many lose ends, with the after-party and Sorawo’s contact and her gun, that the direction seems a little sloppy. But if it was due to a scheduling problem, I can see where they might do a quick schedule-swap, and then realize what they’d done.

  4. FoundOnWeb says:

    While doing some location hunting for Picnic, I found that the beach (mentioned in the novel, not in the anime), “I’ll take you to Nezokobama in Nadabaru” is not in Google Maps, and a Google search only turns up pages from the manga. So they were already in the in-between zone once they got in the taxi.

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