Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 43: A Role to Play

The final battle approaches in the forty-third episode of Healin’ Good PreCure. With their foe being impossible to approach, the girls need to come up with a plan.

Neo King Byo-gen

Neo King Byo-gen

In this episode, Neo King Byo-gen completely undermines the city of Sukoyaka. PreCure try to approach him, but their attacks are rendered useless.
They regroup, and end up confronting Shindoine. Asumi comes up with a plan to approach Neo King Byo-gen.


Confronting Neo King Byo-gen does not go well…

The end is almost upon us, but the final battle isn’t happening just yet. The foe that the girls have to fight in this episode is Shindoine.

Teatine & Latte

Teatine arrives

Teatine joins the battle, though her role pretty much just becomes holding off Neo King Byo-gen. The main event of this episode is the fight against Shindoine. Before that point, though, Asumi comes up with quite a drastic plan to approach Neo King Byo-gen.


Asumi comes up with a plan to get past Neo King Byo-gen’s barrier

Asumi has a drastic plan, one that the others object to at first. I’m assuming things will work out in the end, which is a shame. Evil Cure Earth sounds like it could have potential. Oh well.


Evolved Shindoine

The fight against Shindoine is good. It’s mostly just Shindoine fending off the four Cures, but it was definitely a fun watch. Kind of a shame she fell for the oldest trick in the book – or rather, reacted to Sparkle trying to use that trick and left herself completely open.
Kind of a sad end after putting up such a great fight.

Still a good episode, though. Not much left until the very end, so I guess a review and my annual PreCure ranking will be coming soon.

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