Thoughts on Futaribeya: A Room for Two Volume 7

In the seventh volume of Yukiko’s Futaribeya: A Room for Two, Sakurako and Kasumi start giving some serious thought to their respective futures. There’s also some glimpses back into the past.
This volume contains chapters fifty-four point five through to fifty-nine, as well as three special chapters and one bonus chapter.

Futaribeya A Room for Two Volume 7

Front cover of the 7th volume of Futaribeya: A Room for Two, featuring Sakurako Kawawa and Kasumi Yamabuki

As Sakurako and Kasumi continue their happy university life together, they begin to think about the future. Kasumi is applying to internships already, while Sakurako works as a tutor. No matter where life leads them, one thing is for sure… they plan to stay together forever!

This goes without saying, but wow Sakurako is madly in love with Kasumi. The amount she fawns over her is adorable. You know you’re onto a winner when the first thing you see in the volume is Sakurako proposing to Kasumi.
Admittedly, it is played as a joke, but they do go out to buy matching rings later on. Thumb rings more specifically, but there is a brief moment of contemplation about wedding rings.
In a similar vain, there are also a couple of occasions where Sakurako quite eagerly suggests having kids with Kasumi. Kasumi seems less keen on the idea.

Sakurako and Kasumi get the most focus in this volume, as they should. Some of the side characters do appear, but it is our central couple that are at the forefront.
Getting work is something on their minds, hence Kasumi applying to internships.
Sakurako seems to work well as a tutor, though being with Kasumi for so long does kind of make her not so great when a student comes to her seeking love advice.

For the glimpses into the past, Sakurako visits Kasumi’s family home; the place she stayed before moving in with Sakurako. It’s to help out Kasumi’s mother, but Sakurako certainly relishes the opportunity.

Futaribeya: A Room for Two is just a joy to read. Sakurako and Kasumi make for a great pair, and the side character, when they appear, are great, too. If there’s any yuri slice of life manga that thoroughly deserve an anime adaptation, it’s this one. More people need to discover the wonderful relationship between Sakurako and Kasumi.

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