Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 41: True Form

The PreCure girls have a town to protect in the forty-first episode of Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure. They’re gonna have to fight all of their enemies to keep it safe, though.

Fontaine, Grace, Sparkle and Earth

The girls face a Giga Byo-gen

In this episode, Cure Grace and her allies wipe out the Mega Byo-gens that have invaded their home. When they go to fight the Giga Byo-gen, all of the Byo-gens join the fight as well. That includes a foe they thought they had defeated.

King Guaiwaru

King Guaiwaru

After starting with a quick scene of Shindoine searching the Byogen Kingdom, we jump into the PreCure action. The Mega Byo-gens are quickly dispatched; it is when the girls face the Giga Byo-gen that everything starts to come together.

Daruizen & Grace

Daruizen targets Grace

We get a rare instance of Daruizen, Guaiwaru and Shindoine all fighting PreCure at once in this episode. You’d think that’s a tactic they’d try more often, considering how effective it ends up being.


Shindoine joins the battle, too

The main event of this episode, however, is not the fight. No, instead we finally get to see the true form of our main antagonist. After the pitiful resistance from a couple of episodes ago, I’m glad to see that he was not as weak as he appeared.

King Byo-gen

King Byo-gen’s true form

I have to admit I was hoping for something a little more humanoid for King Byo-gen’s true form. The humanoid antagonists tend to give the best final battles (Splash Star, Go! Princess and even HappinessCharge being some examples). I suppose we aren’t in the final battle just yet, though, and it seems there is room for King Byo-gen’s power to grow even further – much to the distress of Daruizen.
Though I do wonder why King Byo-gen didn’t wait for just a few more moments before reviving – Guaiwaru came this close to ending this season early.

Monster of the Week

Powered up Giga Byo-gen

You’d think a Giga Byo-gen powered up by King Byo-gen himself would be quite a threat, but it pretty much just goes down like every other Giga Byo-gen so far. And what do King Byo-gen, Shindoine and Daruizen do during that battle? Retreat.
Apparently King Byo-gen has some plan in mind, but it does feel like another missed opportunity to obliterate PreCure…

Wounded Daruizen

Daruizen begs Cure Grace for help

After some touching scenes with the girls and their parents, we come to the end of the episode. Daruizen appears in front of Nodoka, and we get an entire conversation that can so easily be taken out of context. I think the less said about that, the better.
Also, I don’t think Cure Grace thinks only about herself, so Daruizen trying to turn that on her just seems odd. She became Cure Grace purely for the sake of others, and it is for others that she fights. Daruizen’s words should not have any effect on her.

Next time, an important decision, apparently.

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