Otherside Picnic Episode 3: Struggling Village

The third episode of Otherside Picnic is an anime original, written by Iori Miyazawa. For those who are unaware, Iori Miyazawa is the author of the Otherside Picnic light novels.
An attempt to acquire some supplies in the Otherside results in Sorawo and Toriko encountering a new supernatural phenomena.

Toriko and Sorawo

Quite a few scenes of Toriko getting close to Sorawo in this episode

In this episode, Toriko and Sorawo venture into the Otherside once again. This time their goal is to secure some more supplies, including ammo. Their search leads them to a village, where they encounter “Big Heads”.

Toriko and Sorawo in the Otherside

Toriko and Sorawo return to the Otherside

With this episode being an anime original, there is no source material for me to compare it to. Interesting to see how Sorawo and Toriko will celebrate surviving their second trip into the Otherside when the anime has added a third one before that point…
Anyways, I feel like the main take away of this episode are the interactions between Sorawo and Toriko.

Finding a glitch

Sorawo and Toriko discover a glitch

Sorawo and Toriko act exactly as I’d expect them to; that’s hardly a surprise considering Iori Miyazawa’s involvement. I’m pretty sure this third episode goes a long way clearing up any doubts that some may have about this being a yuri show. Not that I had any, but I bet there are people out there.

Sorawo panics

Toriko got a little too close to Sorawo

This episode even gives Sorawo a moment of gay panic, which happens to lead into the main supernatural event of this episode: the Big-Head.



Out of all the supernatural phenomena we’ve seen so far, the Big-Head is arguably the weakest. It just didn’t give off that same kind of vibe as the kunekune or Hasshaku-sama.
That might come down to this episode being more about Sorawo and Toriko’s relationship, as I’ve mentioned before. I guess something had to be there to chase them out of the Otherside.

Toriko & Sorawo

Toriko is unsure what a normal size for a human head is after their encounter

Pretty good episode overall. I am looking forward to seeing more of the light novel being adapted, though, because there is some very interesting stuff coming up.

Finally, one point to note. Here’s a couple of Tweets:

What I want to point out here is that “Sorawo” is the correct way to write her name, as stated by Iori Miyazawa in the first Tweet, and the editor in the second. Perhaps Funimation should take note, and adjust their subtitles accordingly…

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1 Response to Otherside Picnic Episode 3: Struggling Village

  1. OG-Man says:

    Bit by bit Sorao’s wall of denial is crumbling. Very good.

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