Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 40: One More Failure

Seems like things are quickly moving towards the end with the fortieth episode of Healin’ Good PreCure. One foe may have been defeated, but there is still plenty that the Cures need to worry about.

King Guaiwaru

King Guaiwaru

With King Byo-gen seemingly defeated, Guaiwaru appears before PreCure and uses Mega Parts to transform himself into King Guaiwaru. He proves to be too powerful to defeat, so the girls retreat.
With PreCure trapped in the Byo-gen Kingdom, King Guaiwaru wreaks havoc in their world. Meanwhile, Hinata blames herself for the turn of events.

Hinata attacks King Guaiwaru

Cure Sparkle tries to attack King Guaiwaru

It didn’t take long for me to think that this episode is better than the previous one. The fight against King Guaiwaru is more what I was expecting from the King Byo-gen fight previously.
In particular, got to give props to Cure Sparkle. Sure, she is driven by her emotions, but she is the most persistent in attacking the enemy.

Hinata cries

Hinata blames herself for what has happened

We may be dealing with endgame stuff at this point, but we still manage to get some time for the characters. This is a wonderful episode for Hinata. I can totally agree with Nyatoran when he said that loves Hinata even more now.
Of course, Nodoka, Chiyu and Asumi all offer their support as well. It’s a really sweet scene.

King Guaiwaru and a Giga Byo-gen

King Guaiwaru with a Giga Byo-gen

King Guaiwaru summons a whole bunch of Mega Byo-gen, and at least one Giga Byo-gen. It isn’t particular clear if there is any limit on the amount he can summon, but they certainly do one heck of a job undermining Sukoyaka City.

Fontaine and Grace

Wouldn’t mind a few more shots like this one

You know, when Daruizen appeared towards the end of the episode, I suspected he would try to subtlety help PreCure in some way. Turns out I was completely wrong; seems his goal was a one-on-one confrontation with Cure Grace.
Unfortunately for him, he is denied that for now.

The Cures have a city to save, but that’s for next time.
This episode was definitely a step up from the previous one. Guaiwaru stepping up to become the big bad definitely served him well. Though saying that, seems there might be something to be even more worried about next time…
Looks like things are going to stay pretty interesting with this episode onwards.

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