Thoughts on How Do We Relationship? Volume 2

It is time for a band camp in the second volume of How Do We Relationship?, and jealously becomes a central theme.
This volume contains chapters ten through to eighteen.

How Do We Relationship Volume 2

Cover of the second volume of How Do We Relationship?, featuring Saeko and Miwa

Miwa and Saeko have discovered that they are definitely physically compatible. But a gathering of band clubs for a weekend training retreat becomes an unexpected threat to their new relationship. Can their blossoming feelings survive each other’s company?

Something I really like about How Do We Relationship? is that there is no “will they, won’t they?” about it. This very volume opens with Miwa and Saeko getting intimate with each other, which certainly puts aside any doubts about the status of their relationship.
However, their relationship is still relatively new, and that is where they start to struggle with jealousy: Saeko in particular.

Much of this volume is Saeko struggling with jealousy as Miwa spends time with other people. Miwa has her own struggles as well: she wants to become a stronger person because she feels like she is always being protected by others.
That latter point gets particularly stirred up with the introduction of a character called Kan Konosu. He is antagonistic towards Miwa, particularly as soon as he realises there is something between her and Saeko.
There’s a brief glimpse into his past that might serve to try and provide a little sympathy for him, but ultimately I find him to be a detestable character.
Fortunately the other guys in the manga are much better characters; Miwa and Saeko’s bandmates are a fun group, for example.

Besides all the jealousy stuff in this volume, a conversation between Miwa and Usshi touches on identity and whether someone needs to fall in love to be fulfilled. It is Usshi who has the doubts in that case, though Miwa’s not exactly in a relationship that society would deem as normal.
It may only be a single conversation, but it does provoke some interesting thoughts.

How Do We Relationship? presents a strong second volume. We have the characters’ approach to jealousy, the talk about identity and plenty of intimate scenes between the two main characters. There is a lot in here that is worthy of being appreciated.

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