Otherside Picnic Episode 2: Hasshaku-sama Survival

Sorawo and Toriko return to the Otherside once again the second episode of Otherside Picnic. Besides that, we also have the introduction of an important character, as well as a new supernatural threat the girls have to tend with.

Toriko and Sorawo

Toriko takes a close look at Sorawo’s eye

In this episode, Sorawo and Toriko discover their previous encounter with the kunekune has affected them both: Sorawo’s eye and Toriko’s hand. They visit an acquaintance of Toriko’s, who is an expert on the Otherside.
Sorawo learns a bit more about Toriko’s reason for venturing into the Otherside, and follows her back in once again. They encounter someone else, and soon get caught up in another supernatural event.



This episode adapts chapter 2 of the light novel. The differences between light novel and anime adaptation are minimal at best here, so there isn’t all that much to say about it.
What I can talk about, though, is Kozakura. I liked her in the light novel, and sure enough, I like her in the anime, too.
Due to the conversation they have, Sorawo becomes more clued in on Toriko’s motivation for exploring the Otherside. Safe to say, Sorawo doesn’t seem particularly happy about that.



Something else that this episode shows us is that the Otherside isn’t a place that Sorawo, Toriko and their acquaintances can exclusively access. Seems like anybody can enter if they know how, and Abarato is one such person who has done exactly that.
Abarato reveals a new danger in the Otherside: glitches. I guess it was by sheer luck that Sorawo and Toriko managed to avoid them during their previous visit.



Last time was the kunekune, and now we get another supernatural event with Hasshaku-sama. These supernatural events are referenced from Japanese forums – the light novels even cite specific posts, in case you get really curious (and can read Japanese).
I like the way everything is not quite as it seems with this particular encounter. It gives us a clearer idea of Sorawo’s feelings towards Toriko.
The encounter actually goes a little differently from the light novel. In the light novel, Toriko fires her own Makarov, and then uses Abarato’s AK. She just uses her own gun in the anime. Other than that, things pretty much go the same.

Otherside Picnic‘s second episode is good stuff. It’s sticking pretty close to the light novel, which I appreciate. We also had Kozakura’s introduce and a little more about the Otherside has come to light.

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1 Response to Otherside Picnic Episode 2: Hasshaku-sama Survival

  1. OG-Man says:

    The path to Sorao’s enlightenment has truly begun this episode. I wish her the best of luck learning and embracing the truth. Hopefully Toriko will lean more toward her over time.

    Nice seeing urban legends playing a role in the story too.

    Kozakura is a lovely woman.

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