Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 39: Kingdom’s Gate

In the thirty-ninth episode of Healin’ Good PreCure, the girls are just diving straight into enemy territory. That’s a sure sign we are approaching the end.

Hinata's dream

Hinata’s dream

In this episode, Hinata just happens to stumble across a gateway into the Byo-gen Kingdom. She gathers everyone else, and they dive in. After travelling deeper into the enemy territory, they finally come face to face with King Byo-gen himself.

Entering enemy territory

Nodoka and company dive into enemy territory

At only episode 39, it feels a little too early for us to be entering the enemy territory. However, when you factor in the hiatus the show had to take last year, I suppose it does make sense for it to be at this point right now.
If anything, though, this could be considered the beginning of the end.


Either Asumi has extreme dodging skills or extreme luck

You’d think the journey into enemy territory would be a little more fraught with danger, but apparently someone took the time to guide PreCure on the right path. We do get a demonstration of what happens should someone stray off the indicated path. Security seems pretty tight when not being guided.

King Byo-gen appears

King Byo-gen appears before Nodoka and the others

“Big ominous face in the sky” is a recurring theme for the main antagonists of PreCure, and King Byo-gen is apparently keeping that tradition alive. I was kind of hoping he would get some kind of more tangible form, but nope, for this encounter he sticks with a single form.

Grace vs proxy

Grace takes on one of King Byo-gen’s proxies

He does, however, create three proxies. They do battle with Grace, Fontaine and Sparkle, whilst the king himself focuses on Earth. It does add a bit more close combat to the fight, but it is short-lived.

Paw Shield

The girls defend against King Byo-gen’s attack

The fight against King Byo-gen… it’s anticlimactic. Fortunately, though, it is not the final battle of this season. Though I was expecting a bit more from the main antagonist, seems that the Terra Byo-gens still have something up their sleeves.
I had mentioned before that I felt like King Byo-gen wouldn’t be the true final boss, and that looks to be the case. Unless he pulls off some kind of comeback – anything’s possible, really.

This episode was all right I suppose. Hopefully things will pick up more in the next episode. King Byo-gen felt like a typical Giga Byo-gen fight, which is not what you really want from a main antagonist.

Next time, someone else steps up to play the role of main antagonist.

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