Winter 2021 Anime: What I Will Be Watching

Another new year is almost upon us, and that brings with it an entirely new season of anime. As usual I shall be listing the shows I intend to watch during the new season here.
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Aikatsu Planet!

The next entry in the Aikatsu franchise blends together live action and anime. The bar set by Aikatsu Friends! was absolutely huge, so I’m not expecting all that much from this one. I’ll still check it out, though, particularly to see how well the live action and anime mesh.
Aikatsu Planet! starts airing on 9/1/2021.

Azur Lane: Slow Ahead!

A series of shorts based on the Azur Lane mobile game. The previous anime was fun, and I look forward to seeing the shipgirls again.
Azur Lane: Slow Ahead! starts airing on 11/1/2021.

Cells at Work!!

The cells return in the second season of Cells at Work!, denoted by the two exclamation marks at the end of the title. The first season was excellent, so more is very welcome.
The show premieres on 7/1/2021 on Funimation.

Cells at Work! CODE BLACK

If you feel Cells at Work! is a bit too positive for you, then you might feel more comfortable with Cells at Work! CODE BLACK. This shows us what the cells have to deal with in an incredibly unhealthy body. Take it from me as a manga reader: it ain’t pretty.
Cells at Work! CODE BLACK premieres 7/1/2021 on Funimation.


At first glance, Gekidol appears to be just another idol show. However, watch the above PV to the end, and it seems that there might just be a bit more going on. That’s certainly got me intrigued.
Gekidol will have a special early premiere on 4/1/2021, featuring the first episode of the anime and a short special edit of the OVA, titled Alice in Deadly School Special Edit -The Stage Begins-. The special New Year program will only be available for 24 hours, and then episode makes its permanent debut on 5/1/2021.

Idoly Pride

This one seems more like your typical idol anime, but that’s absolutely fine by me. Always nice to have something that can potentially have a great soundtrack.
Idoly Pride starts airing on 10/1/2021.

Laid-Back Camp Season 2

Secret Society BLANKET returns for a second season of ultra comfy camping. I’ve been following the manga for this show, too, and there is so much that I am so excited to see. Probably one of my most anticipated shows of the season.
Laid-Back Camp Season 2 starts airing on 7/1/2021.

LBX Girls

Also known as Soukou Musume Senki, this looks to be somewhat similar to Strike Witches. The guitar music in the above PV alone has convinced me to give this one a look.
LBX Girls starts airing on 6/1/2021.

Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table

After a long old absence, Log Horizon returns with a third season. I do have one minor complaint: “Database” will no longer be the show’s opening theme. It kept it for two seasons, but now we’re getting something new.
Putting that aside, Log Horizon is a “trapped in a MMORPG” show that has a strong focus on the game mechanics, which is what drew to it in the first place. Looking forward to seeing more.
Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table starts airing on 13/1/2021.

Non Non Biyori Nonstop

The third season of Non Non Biyori. Loved the first two seasons and the film, so I’m expecting great things from this one.
Non Non Biyori Nonstop starts airing on 10/1/2021.

Otherside Picnic

This is up there as one of my most anticipated shows of this season. A sci-fi story about two girls struggling for survival. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish reading the light novel omnibus before it starts airing.
Otherside Picnic starts airing on 4/1/2021.

Show By Rock!! Stars!!

This show brings together all the bands from the previous seasons of Show By Rock!!, which is quite an exciting prospect. Of course Plasmagica and Mashumairesh!! will be taking centre stage.
Show By Rock!! Stars!! starts airing on 7/1/2021.

Umamusume: Pretty Derby Season 2

The horse girls return for a second season. The first season was plenty enjoyable, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the second one has in store for us.
Umamusume: Pretty Derby Season 2 starts airing on 4/1/2021.

WIXOSS Diva(A)Live

This looks a lot like idols playing card games – but not just idols, apparently. Also bands and DJs. All I know is that being a part of the WIXOSS franchise means things are likely to end up getting dark at some point. I look forward to that.
WIXOSS Diva(A)Live starts airing on 8/1/2021.

Wonder Egg Priority

All I could really find about this one is something about breaking an egg, and dreams and reality colliding. Seems interesting enough, guess it’s getting added to my watch list.
Wonder Egg Priority starts airing on 12/1/2021.

A couple of other notable shows I’ll be picking up, but didn’t include here due to a lack of PVs at the time of writing: Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure and World Witches Take Off!
Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure is the next entry of the PreCure franchise, and World Witches Take Off! is a series of shorts based on Strike Witches and Brave Witches.

It is entirely possible that I end up picking up more shows or even dropping one or two, but I’m pretty happy with this list for now.
I don’t know what I’m going to do about covering shows weekly; I may choose one or two, but I do have quite a backlog of manga and light novels I would like to get through, too.
Well, I’ll just decide on the spur of the moment.

A pretty good selection to look forward to for this season, I’d say.

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2 Responses to Winter 2021 Anime: What I Will Be Watching

  1. alsmangablog says:

    I’m looking forward to the new season of Log Horizon too. I actually only recently got into that anime and I’m really excited to see that it will be continuing, as season 2 didn’t leave off in a very conclusive spot.

  2. OG-Man says:

    As usual we have a very similar watch list, yes. If all goes well I’ll add VLADLOVE to mine later.

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