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Adachi and ShimamuraAdachi and Shimamura is a twelve-episode anime adaptation of the yuri light novel series written by Hitoma Iruma and illustrated by Non. The show was directed by Satoshi Kuwabara, and written by Keiichiro Ochi. The studio that produced the anime was Tezuka Productions.
Adachi and Shimamura aired during the autumn 2020 season of anime, and is available to watch on Funimation.
Adachi & Shimamura cyclingAdachi and Shimamura focuses on two delinquent girls: Sakura Adachi and Hogetsu Shimamura. Both are delinquents who skip class, and end up meeting each other. They form a bond, and then unexpected emotions begin to blossom.
Much of the story of Adachi and Shimamura concerns the two girls coming to terms with the feelings they develop for each other. Whilst it is plainly obvious in Adachi’s case, Shimamura is a bit more enigmatic about it.

Adachi & ShimamuraAs far as light novel adaptations go, Adachi and Shimamura is up there as one of the most faithful. In fact, it’s biggest crime when it comes to that might just be not giving Yashiro her “FLAT BUTTE” t-shirt during that one bowling trip…
On that note, Yashiro is a very noteworthy character.

YashiroIn a story that is mostly grounded in reality, Yashiro injects some fantastical elements into the plot. Early on she is relatively important, but that drops off as the plot moves forward. That is in line with the light novels; her appearances are relegated to intermission chapters.
Whilst Yashiro’s presence does kind of drop off towards the end, another pair of side characters do step up and even steal the show in one of the latter episodes.

Nagafuji and HinoMuch like Yashiro, most of Hino and Nagafuji’s scenes are adapted from the intermission chapters of the light novels. Regardless of that, the two girls provide some of the best scenes in Adachi and Shimamura. It is well worth keeping an eye on Hino and Nagafuji when they are onscreen.
But this isn’t their story; it is Adachi and Shimamura’s.

Happy AdachiMuch enjoyment of the shows comes from Adachi. The best way to describe her state throughout most of the story would have to be “gay panic”. She’s constantly fretting over what it is she feels for Shimamura. There are moments when that panic subsides and we get to see a really adorable, dorky side of her; she gets very happy when Shimamura is willing to spend time with her.

ShimamuraOn the Shimamura side of things, she is more subtle about her feelings. Adachi’s constant fretting over how Shimamura feels about her certainly makes a lot of sense when you see how the girl herself is.
Ultimately, though, Adachi and Shimamura play off each other extremely well. They have a brilliant chemistry with each other, and that is something you want between the two leads of a show like this one.

Adachi and Shimamura does an excellent job of adapting its source material, and is definitely a treat for those who have read the light novels. It’s also a treat for those who haven’t read the light novels.

Score: 10/10
A fabulous entry in the yuri genre, and a very faithful adaptation of the source material. Adachi and Shimamura have amazing chemistry, and the side characters all get their time to shine, too.

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2 Responses to Rory’s Reviews: Adachi and Shimamura

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  2. OG-Man says:

    Most excellent show, this was. Another potential yuri classic for the record books, yes indeed. I had a feeling the finale would be a “lure” but at least we ended the show with Adachi’s efforts paying off as Shimamura’s slowly realizing Adachi’s a special place in her heart. One day her mind will understand what her heart’s been trying to tell her for a long time.

    NagaHino were excellent while Yashiro found her calling as Imouto’s soul mate. Hopefully they too will have a wonderful future together.

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