Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 36: Elizabeth and Natasha

In the thirty-sixth episode of Healin’ Good PreCure, Hinata meets up with an old childhood friend. It doesn’t go particularly well, so Hinata decides she needs to do her best with her studies so she doesn’t end up parting ways with her current friends.


Hinata is less than pleased with her test score

In this episode Hinata reunites with a childhood friend. However, said friend acts cold towards her, and their reunion is cut off abruptly. Worried for her future prospects, Hinata decides it is time to diligently hit the books. She has never the best attention span, though, so that turns out to be a struggle for her. Fortunately, Nodoka and the others are willing to lend her a hand.

Hinata and Eriko

Hinata & Eriko

Hinata’s childhood friend Elizabeth – sorry, Eriko – is introduced in this episode. She doesn’t exactly leave a good first impression, as she has next to nothing to say to Hinata and brings their conversation to an abrupt end, too. Of course there are reasons behind this, which come to light later on.

Chiyu, Hinata & Nodoka

Hinata’s vision of the future

Eriko’s first part in this episode felt really brief; I was kind of worrying that she was just going to appear for that single scene. I guess Eriko turns out to be a bit more than just something to motivate Hinata.
Talking of Hinata, she has some pretty amusing ideas about how she, Nodoka and Chiyu may end up if she doesn’t study hard.

Nodoka, Chiyu & Hinata

Nodoka’s method for remembering certain words has mixed reception

The outfits the girls are wearing when they are studying at Hinata’s place look really great. I wish we had got some better views of them. Oh well. That whole scene was pretty amusing, though.

Hinata, Chiyu & Asumi

It isn’t often we see Chiyu with her hair down

The girls’ pyjamas are pretty nice, too. Especially Chiyu. Its nice to see things changed up every once in a while. OK, enough about their clothes, lets focus on the plot of the episode.

Monster of the Week

Another Mega Byo-gen

If you were expecting Eriko to become the victim of the week for this episode, you’d be wrong. Instead, we just get a plain old Mega Byo-gen. I don’t know why the Byo-gens aren’t putting their powers to use properly recently, but I guess ultimately the PreCure segment of this episode is just side content.

Nodoka & Eriko

Nodoka & Eriko – or Natasha & Elizabeth – finally get a chance to talk

The whole “Natasha & Elizabeth” thing is never really explained. All we’re told is that Hinata & Eriko called each other those names when they were younger, but not why. I guess is supposed to be a sign of their affection for each other.
I do feel like Eriko could be interpreted as having romantic feelings for Hinata, but as it is unlikely we’ll see her again after this episode, I won’t read too much into it.

Still think this was a solid episode, though. Lots of great stuff from Hinata, though Nodoka and Chiyu weren’t lacking, either.

Next episode, autumn time.

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