Adachi and Shimamura Episode 10: Sakura -When the Prayers Shine-

The second year of high school rolls around in the tenth episode of Adachi and Shimamura, which results in classes being changed around. Besides that, this episode also has a heavier focus on Shimamura.


Adachi’s pretty psyched about the new classes

A new school year starts in this episode, with the classes being changed around. Though Adachi and Shimamura end up in the same class, Adachi can’t quite seem to bring herself to approach Shimamura when she is surrounded by other girls.
Adachi ups and disappears for a while, and during that time, Tarumi invites Shimamura out once more.


Shimamura’s hair has returned to its natural colour

You know, I think that this episode might be the first time the characters’ first names actually come up in conversation. Sakura Adachi and Hougetsu Shimamura… I’ll continue referring to them as Adachi and Shimamura, because that is what I’m most used to at this point.

Hino & Nagafuji

Some really nice Hino x Nagafuji stuff in this episode

On the subject of first names, we also have Akira Hino and Taeko Nagafuji. Again, I’ll continue referring to them the same way as I have been up until this point. I also think that they stole the show in this episode. They may have had only a couple of brief scenes, but those scenes certainly left an impact.


Tarumi calls Shimamura

Returning once again is Tarumi, who wants a do over of the day out she spent with Shimamura before. It seems Shimamura has something about her that attract awkward girls.
The main thing this episode focuses on is where Shimamura’s mind goes when she is in the company of others. Let’s just say that we get a clearer picture of where she stands when it comes to her feelings for Adachi.

Hino & Nagafuji in the bath

Forget Adachi and Shimamura, it’s Hino and Nagafuji now

If you thought the first Hino and Nagafuji scene was a bit too tame, you’re in for a treat when it comes to the second one. And yes, this scene does heavily contribute to the reason why I believe those two steal the show this time around.

Shimamura and Tarumi

Shimamura spends some time with Tarumi

I feel a little sorry for Tarumi in this episode. She definitely has some kind of feelings for Shimamura, and yet all Shimamura can seem to do is keep thinking about Adachi. I think Tarumi does pick up on this a bit, but keeps pushing on anyway.


Yashiro dropping some words of wisdom

Oh, look at that! It’s Yashiro, and she’s actually getting involved in the main plot of the episode! Right at the end, though…

Whilst this episode does go some way in providing a clearer picture of Shimamura’s thoughts and feelings towards Adachi, I think it also proves that it is best when the two of them are together. I guess some stuff had to happen for the characters – particularly Shimamura – to realise that themselves.
I’ll also repeat myself here: Hino and Nagafuji absolutely stole the show this time around. Brief scenes maybe, but strong ones.

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1 Response to Adachi and Shimamura Episode 10: Sakura -When the Prayers Shine-

  1. OG-Man says:

    Things keep heating up as we approach the season finale. Shimamura’s brain slowly realizing what her heart already knew. Poor Adachi still has trouble approaching Shimamura when strange girls are around her.

    Tarumi is a tough cookie. Very intrigued to see what her next move will be next time.

    Natural brunette Shimamura is good too.

    Bless NagaHino. BLESS THEM SO MUCH!

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