Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 35: Burn, Beach Volleyball

Inspired by a certain sports anime, Rabirin decides that the girls should partake in the sport of beach volleyball in the thirty-fifth episode of Healin’ Good PreCure.

Warm up stretches

The girls do some warm up stretches

Inspired by the Burn, Beach Volleyball anime, Rabirin decides that Nodoka and the others have earned a break and should go enjoy some beach volleyball together. Asumi’s power allows them to go to an unnamed southern island where they do just that.
They aren’t the only ones who are inspired to take up beach volleyball, though.

Latte & Rabirin

Head coach Latte and coach Rabirin

Maybe one day I’ll accept that the official subs use “Rate”, but I still think “Latte” is better. Anyways, this is PreCure‘s beach episode. Just don’t expect much in the way of sandcastles or swimming, though; this episode is purely about beach volleyball.

Chiyu vs Asumi

Chiyu vs. Asumi

It’s no Harukana Receive, but that’s perfectly understandable. After all, that kind of thing would be a little too much for PreCure. We’ll just have to let the fanartists take care of that side of things.

Monster of the Week

Beach volleyball Mega Byo-gen

This episode definitely has a message it wants to get across about demon coaches and their training methods. It is that they are no good; feels like a lot of anime are getting called out here.
Latte and Rabirin play the role of supportive coaches, whilst Guaiwaru is the demon coach to his Mega Byo-gen.
This episode also seems to confirm that Giga Byo-gens can only be created with a human, so there’s a bit of lore for us.

Lunch time

Lunch break

Another thing concerning the Mega Byo-gen is apparently that its possible to summon one without it affecting Latte. I don’t know how; perhaps this one is just an exception to the rule. It does affect her eventually, but only after some brutal training.

Sparkle, Fontaine and Earth

Sparkle and Earth catch Fontaine after she tries to return the Mega Byo-gens serve

When the time comes to face the Mega Byo-gen, it becomes a beach volleyball match, of course. Its not the first time a monster of the week has been fought in a sport, and it probably won’t be the last.
It does make a nice change of pace from the typical fight, though. Especially considering this is a Mega Byo-gen. You’d think they’d be irrelevant now with the introduction of their Giga counterparts.

Cure Grace

Grace about to spike an Element Ball into the Mega Byo-gen

I also want to take a moment to say that Cure Sparkle is great in this episode. Grace, Fontaine and Earth get so into the beach volleyball. Sparkle not so much, but that does lend itself to some funny moments.

Overall, a really great episode. I loved that it called out sports anime, and the beach volleyball battle was a lot fun too.

Next time, a study camp at Hinata’s place.

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