Adachi and Shimamura Episodes 8 + 9: Old Rose & Marigold

I thought that perhaps I would have obtained the third light novel of Adachi and Shimamura by now, but that hasn’t been the case. I actually have no idea when it will turn up, so I guess I’ll just share my thoughts on each episode of the anime adaptation from here on out. You know, instead of comparing them to their source material.
Since I skipped last week, this will be a double feature. Fortunately, both episodes pair up well.

Adachi and Shimamura

Adachi changes her hairstyle

Episode 8 of Adachi and Shimamura is the lead up to Valentine’s Day, with Adachi being as awkward as ever. She keeps following the advice from some odd TV show, and those sections turned out to be pretty funny.

Yashiro and Little Shimamura

Yashiro just being Yashiro

Yashiro’s introduction earlier on seemed to be kind of a big deal, but more recently it seems like she has been relegated to bit parts alongside Little Shimamura. The brief moments we do get to see her are cute, though.

Adachi, Shimamura, Hino & Nagafuji

Its nice to see Adachi spending time with people besides Shimamura

Shimamura is also more open to hanging out with Shimamura’s friends in this episode; she’s grown a bit. Of course, she still only has eyes for Shimamura.

Shimamura pets Adachi

Shimamura pets Adachi

The eighth episode of Adachi and Shimamura is ultimately more of Adachi being Adachi. That is good, because that is exactly want I want to see from this show. Shimamura also meets up with someone, but more on that with the next episode.

Adachi and Shimamura

I feel like there’s quite a bit of this going on in episode 9

Moving on to episode 9, we finally arrive at Valentine’s Day itself. If you’re hoping for a lot of close Adachi x Shimamura moments… well, this episode may just scratch that itch.

Adachi's imagination

Sometimes it is just Adachi’s imagination, though

It is safe to say that Adachi is in love with Shimamura at this point. That has been firmly established. Whilst this episode does continue showing us that, it also suggests that perhaps there is something going on with Shimamura’s feelings, too. That comes about due to Shimamura meeting up with someone else the day before Valentine’s.

Tarumi and Shimamura

Tarumi and Shimamura

Shimamura meets with her childhood friend, Tarumi. Seems that Tarumi still has a thing for Shimamura, whereas Shimamura… well, she changed. I do wonder what Tarumi was hoping to get out of spending time with Shimamura, because it was obvious that she didn’t find what she wanted.

Adachi and Shimamura share chocolate

Adachi shares her chocolate with Shimamura

So Shimamura ends up having two trips to Nagoya, and both end up kind of similar. However, her first trip allows her to prepare an extra detail for her second. That is something that further reinforces that she might actually feel some kind of way about Adachi.

Adachi hugs Shimamura

Adachi hugs Shimamura

A good pair of episodes, with episode 9 in particular giving us lots of nice stuff. After the build up to Valentine’s Day, I’d say the payoff was worth it.

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1 Response to Adachi and Shimamura Episodes 8 + 9: Old Rose & Marigold

  1. OG-Man says:

    Adachi’s legend continues to grow every episode. Bless her.

    Looks like Shimamura’s subconsciously feeling “more than friends” feelings for Adachi. One step closer to victory for the legend.

    It would seem Tarumi is more an emotional obstacle for Shimamura than Adachi unless she eventually challenges her.

    The VDay arc lived up to the hype, yes.

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