Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 34: New Stars of the Athletics World

Before I get into this, I just want to acknowledge that Toei have revealed the name of the next season of PreCure: Tropical-Rouge! PreCure. That’s all we know for the time being.

The thirty-fourth episode of Healin’ Good PreCure is one that focuses on Chiyu. A new rival appears before her, making Chiyu reconsider where she wants to go with her high jump.


Chiyu takes victory in the high jump

In this episode, Chiyu performs phenomenally well at a high jump competition, catching the eye of one Tsubasa Takami. Tsubasa is determined to compete against Chiyu again at the world games, but that is not something Chiyu is striving for. However, it seems that Tsubasa does manage to spark something up within Chiyu.

Tsubasa Takami

Tsubasa Takami

When it comes to Chiyu episodes, they will either focus on Ryokan Sawaizumi or the high jump. For me, I prefer the high jump episodes. Perhaps it is due to concentrating more on Chiyu herself, and not really bringing her family into it – do we really need to worry about how Toji handles innkeeping duties?

Tsubasa and Chiyu

Tsubasa and Chiyu warm up together

This is a particularly good episode, too, since Tsubasa helps Chiyu become even more motivated to pursue the high jump. The two are similar in how they feel about the high jump, although Tsubasa seems to be taking it much more seriously than Chiyu.

Nodoka & Hinata

Nodoka and Hinata watch as Chiyu reaches even greater heights

Of course, Tsubasa’s influence seems to change how Chiyu thinks of her high jump. It turns out to be a positive thing, and Nodoka has no problem seeing that Chiyu is having fun as she repeatedly attempts to clear higher jumps.

Monster of the Week

PreCure confront Shindoine and a Giga Byo-gen

Seems where we’ve come to a point where the only difference between Mega Byo-gens and Giga Byo-gens are the names. One was supposed to be more powerful than the other, but I guess PreCure have grown stronger, too.

Cure Fontaine vs Shindoine

Cure Fontaine vs. Shindoine

The fight also gives us a rare instance of an enemy general getting directly involved in the fray, though this is short-lived. At least its better than Shindoine just standing there watching, I guess.

Still a good episode though. Next time, beach volleyball.

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