Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Episode 8: The Bear Goes to the Castle

Yuna’s stay at the royal capital continues in the eighth episode of Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear. She meets some important people, as well as tackle a little bit of trouble.

Fina, Noa, Yua and Misa

Yuna introduces the girls to the wonders of pizza

Brief summary for this episode: Yuna visits the royal capital’s castle and meets the princess. After that, she hears about an incoming invasion of monsters, and decides to go and do something about it when Noa is worried that her father might get caught up in it.
This episode roughly adapts chapters 63 through to 71 of the light novel, though there are quite a few changes. Also adapted for this episode is one of the extra stories from the third light novel.
For a start, Yuna introduces Fina to pizza before anybody else in the light novel.

Princess Flora

Princess Flora

Yuna does go to the castle in both versions, but she is accompanied by Fina in the light novel. The events we see happen in the castle are pretty much the same. The light novel makes it very clear, but pay attention to Yuna’s picture book. Its main character might seem rather familiar.

Misa, Noa and Fina

Misa, Noa and Fina explore the capital together

The section with Noa taking Misa and Fina to explore the capital comes from the extra stories from the third light novel. The anime focuses particularly on the Bear Fan Club, but in the light novel they explore the exterior of the castle and stop for a bite to eat, as well. All paid for by Noa, even though Yuna gave Fina some money.

Noa, Yuna and Fina

Yuna walking through the capital with Fina and Noa

Then we come to the part where Yuna hears about a horde of monsters approaching the capital. Fina and Noa are with her when that happens, but in the light novel she goes to the adventurers’ guild to get more details. She is actually well acquainted with the guild master there by this point in the light novel. Here in the anime, they haven’t even crossed paths.


Sanya, master of the royal capital’s adventurers’ guild

Sanya actually rides out to the site of the battle in the light novel, bringing plenty of adventurers with her. She is completely unaware of Yuna’s actions, whereas here she observes the whole thing as it unfolds.

Yuna's bear golems

Yuna calls on a pair of bear golems

Yuna’s fight differs between anime and light novel, too. In the anime, she has to actively fight the wyverns. In the light novel, she happens to find the wyverns fast asleep, and kills them before they even have a chance to wake up. Another thing from the light novel is that Yuna almost exhausts her supply of mana taking down the monsters. She has no such trouble in the anime.

Giant worm

One of the monsters Yuna has to deal with is a giant worm

Yuna encounters the giant worm (or wyrm, if you go by the light novel translation) in both anime and light novel. However, she never once crosses path with the mastermind behind the monster horde in the light novel. The mastermind only appears to taunt the king in the light novel; he has absolutely no clue about Yuna whatsoever.

Yuna meets the king

Yuna meets the king

Though the anime presents a different interpretation of events with what happened with the monster horde, it does converge back with the light novel with Cliff’s appearance. More or less.

That wraps up this episode. An enjoyable one, with plenty of great moments where Yuna may have ended up in over her head; not many of her status can claim to have met with royalty, after all.

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1 Response to Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Episode 8: The Bear Goes to the Castle

  1. OG-Man says:

    As I said before Yuna and her imouto harem are more fun to watch than “Kuma Saitama Time” so the fight was same ol’ same ol’. I will say the sight of an adorable Yuna riding Kumakyun immediately after a tense scene got a good laugh from me.

    Without reading the LN or manga I bet Sia/Shia and Flora will join her 10000 cuties har- I mean fan club.

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