Thoughts on Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Volume 3 (Light Novel)

In the third volume of Kumanano’s Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear light novel series, Yuna heads to the royal capital. A new location means new problems for her to deal with, though.
This volume contains chapters fifty-one through to seventy-four.

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Volume 3 (Light Novel)

Front cover of the third volume of the Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear light novel series, featuring Noa and Yuna

Road Snacks
Yuna is hired to escort Noa, Lord Fochrosé’s daugter – and biggest fan of the “Bloody Bear” – to the royal capital, with Fina in tow. Hordes of monsters and bands of roving thieves menace the girls on their journey, but what really gets Yuna’s attention is when they discover two of her most beloved foodstuffs from Earth! What will the Bloody Bear do with these nostalgic culinary delights?

The entirety of the third volume is dedicated to Yuna’s trip to the royal capital, starting with her mission to escort Noa there. Fina joins Yuna and Noa for the trip, though it seems that she ends up finding much of it quite overwhelming.
That pretty much comes down to a few of the new faces that Yuna meets during her time at the capital. At least a few of them hold quite prestigious positions, and Fina is just a commoner.
Still, Noa is more than happy to accommodate Fina, and the two grow closer as a result.

As for Yuna, she’s still getting involved in trouble. You know, the usual routine for her. Said trouble results in her meeting some very important people. We also get a rare glimpse of what Yuna’s actual limits are.
Some of the stuff Yuna has to go through in this volume is something she considers to be quite a pain, but I’d say that ultimately her trip to the capital proves fruitful.

The change of scenery from Crimonia we get in this volume is quite nice, but that doesn’t prevent Yuna from just popping back there when she starts running low on ingredients. Yuna sure has managed to pick up some really convenient skills along the way…

Yuna’s arrival at the capital all the way to her return home (technically multiple trips home, I guess) is covered in this volume, and it is a fun read all throughout. The new characters introduced are fun, and Yuna proves to be just as amusing as ever.

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