Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 33: Encouragement

In the thirty-third episode of Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure, Nodoka reunites with someone who was a rather important presence in her life when she was ill.

Hinata, Nodoka and Chiyu

Hinata, Nodoka and Chiyu

The doctor that treated Nodoka when she was ill comes to visit in this episode, and he has some news about what he has decided to do next with his career. Being unable to treat Nodoka’s illness affected him, and he decided to leave the hospital. Nodoka believes she is to blame for his decision, but a conversation soon clears that up.

A drink with the girls

Dr. Hachisuka sits down for a drink with the girls

The character of the day for this episode is Dr. Hachisuka, the doctor who was treating Nodoka when she fell ill before. Obviously that whole thing was actually outside his area of expertise, but he had no of way knowing. Still, that unidentified disease that Nodoka had did influence him to move on from the hospital.

Pegitan, Rabirin and Nodoka

Nodoka asks Rabirin if she can tell Dr. Hachisuka about the Byo-gens

Nodoka is willing to take some drastic action when she hears about Dr. Hachisuka’s plans. Fortunately, Rabirin and the others stop her from going ahead with it. Also, just imagine if Nodoka broke the news about being Pretty Cure to her former doctor… I don’t think that would sit well at all.

Nodoka & Doctor Hachisuka

Nodoka talks with Dr. Hachisuka

The plot of this episode is pretty much resolved before we get any of the usual Pretty Cure action, but I think that’s fine. It means we get more time with Cure Grace and the others fighting, and that tends to be a plus for me

Monster of the Week

Giga Byo-gen

On that note, no prizes for guessing who the victim of the week is this time around. Besides the Giga Byo-gen, we also see evolved Daruizen. Seems King Mega Byo-gen intimidated him into absorbing a Mega Part, though it does seem like Daruizen is doing solely for his own sake. Maybe Daruizen will end up usurping the role of final boss…

Grace vs Evolved Daruizen

Cure Grace vs. Evolved Daruizen

The action in this episode is some proper solid stuff, with the Giga Byo-gen posing a credible threat against PreCure, as well as Cure Grace and Daruizen going toe-to-toe as well. It is also nice to see the girls use their abilities, too.

Pegitan, Chiyu, Asumi, Latte, Nodoka, Rabirin, Hinata & Nyatoran

Watching over the doctor as he departs

Overall, a very solid episode. Its nice we get a bit more from Nodoka’s past; we could have just had her mysterious disease be the end of that. But no, it actually affected her doctor, and that made this episode fairly interesting.
Topped off with a solid fight, too, this was a good episode.

Next time, Chiyu’s rival.

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