Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Episode 7: The Bear Arrives at the Royal Capital

We get a change of scenery in the seventh episode of Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear as Yuna escorts Noa to the royal capital. Of course, they are joined by Fina, as well.

Noa and Fina on Kumayuru

Noa and Fina ride on Kumayuru

With this episode, the anime is now adapting content from the third volume of the light novel series. This episode adapts chapters 51, 52, 53, 55, 56, 60 and 62. Some details from the light novel are skipped over entirely.

Misa, Noa and Gran

Noa introduces Gran and Misa

Yuna and Fina meeting with Noa and setting off for the capital goes exactly the same in the light novel, as too does their encounter with Misa and Gran on the road. However, the anime chooses to skip over the introduction of the all female party protecting Gran and his granddaughter, as well as a certain incident regarding some bandits.
That actually sets up some of the stuff that happens in the royal capital, but the anime is taking a different approach.

Noa and Ellelora

Noa and her mother, Ellelora

Arriving at a new location also results in a lot of new characters being introduced. One is Ellelora (Ellelaura in the light novels), Noa’s mother. This is getting back on track with the light novel, although I do feel that leaving out the whole bandit thing is kind of robbing us of content…

Yuna & Sia

Sia meets Yuna

The next new character to be introduced is Noa’s older sister, Sia (Shia in the light novels). In the light novel, Sia doesn’t meet Kumayuru and Kumakyu until a little later on. Here, they’re the first things she sees after she returns home. Followed by Yuna, of course, and her reaction is exactly as you might predict.

Sia vs Yuna

Sia spars with Yuna

The sparring session between Yuna and Sia is taken from the light novel, but again, that goes differently between the two mediums. Both are one-sided affairs, but it seems anime Yuna is a bit more lenient than light novel Yuna.
The anime fails to mention that Sia uses magic as well, but of course that doesn’t change the outcome at all.

Fina & Yuna

Yuna picks up some new ingredients

Yuna and Fina go on a little shopping trip in this episode, but that plays out differently in the light novel, too. When Yuna acquires potatoes, she is actually alone. The cheese she picks up comes later on, though Fina and Noa are with her that time. There’s a small incident before Yuna buys the cheese, too, but nothing she can’t handle.

With this episode, I thought that it would be all about the journey to the royal capital; particularly with that one incident that happens on the way there in the light novel. That wasn’t the case, and Yuna arrives at the royal capital pretty quickly.
We see that there is trouble brewing, but that is something for next time.

Still a pretty fun episode, though. Yuna’s interactions with Noa and her family are fun. I guess that is the aspect of Yuna’s visit to the royal capital this episode focuses on; she had plenty more business to attend to in the light novel.
Well, I suppose the bandit incident can’t really happen now, as it was something that specifically happened whilst Yuna was on the road. Perhaps we’ll see her take care of her other business in the capital next time.

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1 Response to Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Episode 7: The Bear Arrives at the Royal Capital

  1. OG-Man says:

    Like Little Viktoria said over at my pad it would be nice if Sía joined Yuna’s pseudo-harem.

    Best parts of the episode were everything Noa and the letter saying Yuna’s a danger to Society, because she is.

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