Thoughts on Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina Volume 3

Elaina’s travels continue in the third volume of Jougi Shiraishi’s light novel series. As ever, Elaina visits all sorts of locations and meets all sorts of people during her adventures, and this volume contains fourteen more chapters of her journey.Wandering Witch The Journey of Elaina Volume 3No two adventures are alike, and our young witch understands this better than most. She knows that for every happy ending, there is always a sad one – and some stories have no ending at all. But with experiences as varied as dream-demon encounters, magical wars, and stomping grapes, the life of a traveller promises one thing if nothing else – the journey is (almost) always worth it!

The previous volume of this series went to some very dark places, but this one has an overall lighter tone. Not that it doesn’t have it share of darker stories, but just not so much as the previous one.
If anything, I found myself laughing more at this volume; particularly with its fourteenth chapter.

Whilst most of the focus is on Elaina, we do get appearances from Fran and Saya throughout this volume as well. Saya’s appearances don’t amount much more than cameos, but is nice to see how she is doing from time time.
Fran gets a bit more attention, particularly when it comes to a certain country with a certain wall.
There’s also the “Object Lessons” chapters, in which Elaina comes up with a very interesting potion. Fran features for the first couple, and then the potion itself proves to be invaluable later on.

Of course, there are also new faces that Elaina meets. Some may not be exactly as they appear at first. It also feels like this volume is upping the number of witches by quite a bit; Elaina’s interactions with fellow witches always turn out to be pretty enjoyable.

Elaina also discovers herself in this volume, and that is one of the chapters that had me laughing hardest. It actually does bring some more serious moments along with it too.
Said chapter is a pretty good way to cap off this entire volume, though I know that Elaina has many more adventures ahead of her.

More solid work from Jougi Shiraishi.

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