Adachi and Shimamura Episode 6: White Christmas

It’s time for Christmas in the sixth episode of Adachi and Shimamura, and it is pretty safe to say that Adachi is very much looking forward to it. She has to do a little preparation beforehand, though.

Adachi and her manager

Adachi and her manager

This episode adapts chapters 4, 5 and 6 of the second volume of the light novel, which covers some Christmas shopping and Adachi and Shimamura’s Christmas date itself. Actually, it might be more accurate to say that we get a nod to chapter 5, though I can understand the reason for that. I’ll get to that in due course.

Adachi and Hino

Adachi and Hino

We get something a little unusual in this episode, and that is the combination of Adachi and Hino. After all, Adachi wants to surprise Shimamura with a Christmas present, and an opportunity presents itself when Hino approaches her alone. What follows is Hino helping out Adachi with her Christmas shopping.

Shimamura and Nagafuji

Shimamura and Nagafuji

The “nod to chapter 5” I mentioned concerns Shimamura and Nagafuji, who just happen to be together. You can probably figure what Adachi thinks about that, but it seems that Hino is just as surprised.
We do get a bit more from Shimamura and Nagafuji; chapter 5 from the light novel, but just a brief scene in the anime. Before we get to the main event, a quick side event.

Yashiro and Little Shimamura

Yashiro has her hands on one of the Hell Instruments

We also have the adaptation of the “Yashiro Comes Calling Part 2” interlude from the second light novel, which features more interactions between Yashiro and Little Shimamura. Yashiro’s really not had all that much to do as of late, but I do enjoy these little interactions she has been having.

Shimamura meets Adachi

Interesting choice of attire there, Adachi

The date – and let’s face it, that is exactly what this is, even if Adachi tries to play it off as something else – is the adaptation of chapter 6 from the second light novel. No major changes to be found here, really.

Adachi grabs Shimamura's thumb

Adachi is about as awkward as you’d expect

During their date, Adachi and Shimamura exchange gifts. This is the point where we get the aforementioned nod to chapter 5, as a brief flashback reveals exactly what Shimamura and Nagafuji were up to earlier. Of course it was a totally innocuous thing, but well, Adachi is just Adachi about that situation.

Shimamura and Adachi

Almost, Adachi…

I know some people found Adachi frustrating in the previous episode. That amused me, because I knew that this one was coming up. The scene at the end made me want to bang my head against the wall when I read it in the light novel, and the anime adaptation has remained faithful to that by recreating that feeling.
Perhaps Adachi will get there one day, but well… not quite yet.

With the next episode, it looks like we’ll be getting adaptations of chapters from the third light novel. Unfortunately, the official English release of the third light novel is not until December.
As such, I’ll just be sharing my thoughts on each episode over the next few week. Basically episodic reviews, without any knowledge of the source material. This time its not my fault I’m falling behind, unlike with Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear.

Back to this episode, it had some great moments, all capped off with a moment of frustration. I’d still call it a good episode overall, though.

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1 Response to Adachi and Shimamura Episode 6: White Christmas

  1. OG-Man says:

    Adachi has already become a Yuri legend. What a heroine. Shimamura meanwhile is a fascinating creature.

    NagaHino developments bless my soul.

    Alien X Imouto are neat so far.

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