Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 31: New Threat

After taking a break last week, Healin’ Good PreCure returns. A new foe rears its head in this episode, and it might just be the most dire threat Cure Grace and the others have had to face so far.

Monster of the Week

Giga Byo-gen

In this episode, PreCure has to face a Giga Byo-gen, created by Shindoine after she absorbed a Mega Part into her own body. This new monster of the week proves to be a formidable foe, and things just don’t look good. However, Cure Grace and the others remain determined to get back up even after getting knocked down multiple times.


Evolved Shindoine

This episode quite simply focuses on PreCure’s struggle against the Giga Byo-gen. I have to say, it is nice to see PreCure struggle against an opponent every once in a while. They have to work hard to obtain victory, and those types of episodes do tend to be the better ones.

Reunited with Kota

Nodoka assures Kota that PreCure will save his father

Since this episode is direct continuation of the previous one, Kota is still around. He witnessed his father get turned into the Giga Byo-gen, which I imagine could be kind of traumatising. I guess at least Nodoka and the others are there to reassure him that things will work out in the end.

Cure Grace

Cure Grace attacks

We get some pretty nice action scenes throughout this episode. We haven’t really seen the girls go all out during a battle like this one, so that was certainly nice to see. They pour so much into their offence, but in the end…
Well, it is pretty common in Pretty Cure for the heroines to face a foe that their usual technique doesn’t work on.

Cure Grace, Cure Fontaine, Cure Earth & Cure Sparkle

They may have been knocked down, but they get up again and again

Cure Earth gets to experience something new in this episode, though it isn’t exactly a good thing. Still, the other three are there to drag her back from the brink of despair.

Pretty Cure Final Healin' Good Shower

Pretty Cure Final Healin’ Good Shower

Whenever the enemy grows in power in the PreCure franchise, so to does the PreCure team. Healin’ Good is no exception to that, as they earn themselves a new attack and new costumes to match. I quite like the new outfits.

This episode was great. Plenty of action as Cure Grace and the others tackled the Giga Byo-gen, and it was all topped off with a spectacular new power-up.
Though PreCure may have managed to score a victory this time around, it seems that the forces of darkness are on the move…

Next time, an episode that focuses on Chiyu’s brother.

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