Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Episode 5: The Bear Goes to the Orphanage

All right, I’m back on track with the Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear light novel, which means I can now highlight differences between the anime and the original source material.
In this episode, Yuna’s desire for a certain food results in her making Crimonia a better place.

Bear Gate

Yuna’s newest skill, the Bear Gate

This episode adapts chapters 42 to 46 of the light novel, in which Yuna discovers she gained a new skill after slaying the black viper. She uses the new skill to acquire eggs, and also manages to help out an orphanage that had its funding cut.


Yuna spots a group of orphans when she grabs a bite to eat

In the light novel, Yuna doesn’t tell Fina about her Bear Gate, or at least not in the chapters that were adapted. It’s not like Fina will need to use it for her butchering job, after all.


Fina doing her butchering work

For the most part, Yuna meeting the orphans, and then going to the orphanage is exactly the same as the light novel. In the anime she meets the Director and Liz at the same time, but in the light novel Liz isn’t there during Yuna’s first visit.
Yuna comes up with an idea for helping the orphanage by herself in the light novel, but here she is inspired by Fina.

Yuna, Kumakyu and Kumayuru

Yuna takes her bears for a walk through town in the middle of the night

Yuna talking business, and setting everything up happens in both light novel and anime; this episode is erring closer on the side of faithful. Not a 1:1 adaptation by any means, as there are some points that are skipped.
For example, no sign of the merchant’s guild becoming incredibly crowded due to a certain bear providing black viper materials.

Yuna & Tielmina

Yuna even manages to come up with a new job for Tielmina

With Yuna setting up a new business, she visits the Merchant’s Guild, naturally. However, the anime seemingly skips the part where she officially registers as a merchant, despite an entire chapter in the light novel being named “The Bear Becomes an F-Rank Merchant”. Tielmina (or Tiermina, if we go by the light novel) – Fina and Shuri’s mother – is roped into Yuna’s scheme. I have to say that light novel Tielmina seems to be more willing to go along with Yuna’s plan.


Part of this episode focuses on Cliff

The light novel has a chapter that is told from Cliff’s perspective, and that is one of the ones that has been adapted for this episode. Yuna’s desire to sell eggs leads to Cliff discovering some troubling things. The light novel goes into slightly greater detail about all that, but either way things do get quite dark.

This episode ends with a cute Yuna and Fina interaction. An enjoyable episode.

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1 Response to Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Episode 5: The Bear Goes to the Orphanage

  1. OG-Man says:

    Yuna done goofed a bit but she saved an orphanage, got the lord to take out the trash and got a head rub from her eventual fiancee. It was a good week overall.

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