Thoughts on Adachi and Shimamura Volume 2

The end of the year approaches in the second volume of Hitoma Iruma’s Adachi and Shimamura light novel series, and Adachi wants to spend time with Shimamura on Christmas day.
There are eight chapters in this volume.Adachi and Shimamura Volume 2All I Want For Christmas Is You
Christmas is here, and for the first time in her life, Adachi has someone she really wants to spend it with. Meanwhile, Shimamura agonises over what to get Adachi as a present. They may not be standing under the mistletoe, but will a Christmas miracle bring them both what they’re hoping for this year?

The main event in this volume is Christmas, and that includes the build up to said event. This volume starts with Shimamura’s visit to the gym, where she encounters Adachi’s mother. Then we get to Adachi’s question, which pretty much sets the groundwork for the rest of the volume.

We are given a rare opportunity to see Adachi and Shimamura spend time apart, and with other people. After all, they plan to give each other gifts on Christmas. That’s where Hino and Nagafuji come into play. One of them has a much better sense for gifts than the other, though….

Yashiro is in this volume, but she is pretty much relegated to the interludes between chapters. We get a strong focus on her interactions with Little Shimamura (Shimamura’s younger sister). She does get a passing mention in one of the main chapters, but there’s not much interference from her between Adachi and Shimamura this time around.

There is one particularly frustrating moment in this volume, but it should be pretty clear that kind of thing should be expected. Especially when Adachi is involved…
Besides that, there’s so much great stuff to be found here. Shimamura’s encounter with Adachi’s Mum, the shopping chapters, the actual Christmas chapter… and this volume comes to a close with thighs and chest. The last two chapters in this volume are particularly amusing. Especially the one from Adachi’s perspective.

Overall, I had a lot of fun reading this volume. I very much look forward to seeing what the future holds for Adachi and Shimamura.

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