Adachi and Shimamura Episode 4: Girls’ Day Out

In the fourth episode of Adachi and Shimamura, Shimamura hits the gym. Following that, she invites Adachi to karaoke with herself, Nagafuji and Hino.


Shimamura’s not so good when it comes to sit ups

This episode of Adachi and Shimamura adapts two chapters from the light novels: the first chapter of the second light novel, and the last chapter of the first volume. In that order, too.
First, Shimamura joins her Mum at the gym, where she ends up bumping Adachi’s mother. Then Shimamura promptly gets into a competition with Adachi’s Mum.
Following that is some karaoke.

Shimamura underwater

Shimamura in the pool

I don’t know why they’ve decided to flip around the order in which karaoke and the trip to the gym happen from the light novel, but ultimately it doesn’t really matter. As for adapting things, though, they could’ve probably left that creep in the swimming pool out. That doesn’t really contribute anything in light novel or anime.

Adachi's Mum and Shimamura

Adachi’s Mum and Shimamura in the sauna

The main point of Shimamura’s visit to the gym, however, is her encounter with Adachi’s Mum. Shimamura describes her as having wrinkles in the light novel, but it looks like she got somewhat beautified for the anime adaptation.
This whole gym segment does offer us some contrast on how Adachi’s and Shimamura’s respective mothers behave towards their daughters, and allows Shimamura to learn a bit more about Adachi’s family. Adachi isn’t exactly forthcoming with that information.

Adachi and Shimamura

Oh, how the turns have tabled

We also get a second-hand report of what Shimamura’s actions resulted in, courtesy of Adachi. Shimamura listens to her, but keeps what happened quiet. Also, more cute Adachi x Shimamura interactions, of course.

Little Shimamura & Yashiro

How Shimamura’s younger sister sees Yashiro

I’m happy to see the interludes from the light novels being adapted. Previously it was the stuff with Hino and Nagafuji (there might be some more to come), but this time we’re getting the Little Shimamura and Yashiro interactions. Could get some cute stuff from out of that, I suspect.


Adachi joins Shimamura, Hino and Nagafuji for karaoke

The second half of the episode is the adaptation of the last chapter of the first light novel, where Adachi gains enough courage to hang out with Shimamura, Hino and Nagafuji. This event is told from Adachi’s perspective, so it is plainly obvious she is there purely for Shimamura.

Shimamura & Adachi

Adachi and Shimamura sing a duet

Adachi and Shimamura sing a rather appropriate song, which happens to go along nicely with the various instances of English text saying some pretty significant things in previous episodes.
More Adachi x Shimamura interactions also happen, and Adachi might just slowly be coming to terms with what she feels. Maybe…

The order of events may have been changed up from the light novels, but this was still an excellent episode. It definitely done the light novels justice, and I feel that way about every episode so far. Great stuff.

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1 Response to Adachi and Shimamura Episode 4: Girls’ Day Out

  1. OG-Man says:

    Blessed sexy mamas.

    Mrs Adachi needed more training in parenting 101, yes. Shimamura gave her a few pointers.

    Poor Adachi still got it bad yo. At least she embraced the truth. Looking forward to see if she’s got what it takes to go further.

    Shimamura subconsciously cares much more for Adachi than she realizes.

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