Game of the Month: October 2020

You know, I should probably get this post out before the month of October is actually over, huh…
I probably would have got it out much earlier if not for Hololive English, which has also happened to convince me to pick up Minecraft and Muse Dash.
As for the game I’m highlighting here, it is an action RPG that was originally released in Japan in 2006, and now has a Nintendo Switch version.
First, though an honourable mention to Super Mario 35, which turns the classic Super Mario Bros. into a battle royale game for 35 players. Really fun, especially as the number of players dwindle and the enemies start piling up.

All right, and now the main attraction.Ys OriginthYs Origin is my second foray into the Ys franchise. This game is set before all the other Ys games, and offers three different playable characters. The characters all possess their own distinctive fighting styles.
Regardless of which character you choose, you will be ascending Devil’s Tower, fighting all sorts of foes, obtaining various items and uncovering the plot as you progress.

Besides the main story, Ys Origin also offers Time Attack, Arena and Speedrun Modes. You know, just in case you fancy changing up the way you approach the game or something.

Ys Origin has been a lot of fun, and it definitely goes onto my list of Nintendo Switch (and other platforms) RPGs I would recommend.

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1 Response to Game of the Month: October 2020

  1. OG-Man says:

    The game that got me into Ys. Still a pretty good game, yes.

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