Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 30: Lions & Tigers

A trip to the zoo is in order for the thirtieth episode of Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure, where the girls show that close friendships can be forged despite their differences.

Chiyu, Pegitan, Nodoka, Rabirin, Hinata, Nyatoran, Asumi and Latte

The girls and the Healing Animals visit a zoo

In this episode, Nodoka and company take a trip to the zoo. There, they meet their homeroom teacher and his son, Kota. They find out Kota had a fight with his friend. Kota sees that Nodoka and her friends have their differences, but they still get along.
Meanwhile, the Byo-gens continue to do their thing, with one of them very keen to prove her worth…

Kota and his father

Kota and his father

So the message of this episode is simply about friends having their differences. One of you may prefer tigers to lions, but there’s no need to get into a fight about that kind of thing. Of course in this case it is Kota who needs to learn that lesson, since the bond between Nodoka and her friends is pretty solid at this point.

Chiyu, Nodoka, Hinata, Asumi & Latte

The girls upon seeing a giraffe

One of the main takeaways from this episode is plenty of cute stuff from Nodoka, Chiyu, Hinata and Asumi. There reactions to seeing the various animals around the zoo are fun. Though I do have to wonder about them not knowing about tigers being related to cats… Well, I guess it makes sense for Asumi, but as for the others… I don’t know.


Asumi revealing this massive burger amused me

We get to see all sorts of differences between Nodoka, Chiyu, Hinata and Asumi in this episode, and one of those is their preference for food. Chiyu, the athlete of the group, opted for pizza. Perhaps she was giving herself a rare treat or something, or maybe she doesn’t follow any particular diet. I don’t know, I just thought that was interesting.

Monster of the week

A plant-based Mega Byo-gen this week

We get some pretty standard PreCure stuff for the fight against the Mega Byo-gen in this episode. Well, at least until Daruizen directly joins the fray, but that doesn’t go on for all that long. Still, “standard PreCure stuff” is fun to watch.

Shindoine's new look

Shindoine’s pursuit of power earns her a new look

The monster of the week fight and the side character’s issue are resolved, but there’s still a bit more that this episode gives us. Shindoine is rocking a new look, but we’ll have to wait until next episode for more on that.

Solid episode overall. Very much enjoyed what I saw here, and looking forward to the next one. Next time, power-ups!

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