Adachi and Shimamura Episode 3: Professional Bowlinger

In the third episode of Adachi and Shimamura, we finally get to see what a certain tiny astronaut looks like, and Adachi works up the courage to ask Shimamura if she wants to go out hang out with her. The pair are joined by an unexpected guest, though.

Shimamura & Little Shimamura

Shimamura and her younger sister, Little Shimamura

This episode of Adachi and Shimamura adapts chapter four of the light novel, titled “The Isosceles Triangle”. This episode also adapts one of the interludes, “A Visit to the Butcher’s Shop, Part 1” from the second light novel.


Here’s what our tiny astronaut looks like under the suit

One of the major events from this episode is Yashiro finally revealing what she looks like under the spacesuit, and she is insanely cute. As a light novel reader I was already acutely aware of that, and it’s nice to see that the anime captures every detail, including the blue sparkles. That is something about her appearance that is frequently brought up in the light novel, and I have absolutely no qualms about her depiction in the anime.

Adachi and Shimamura

Adachi ends up all flustered due to Shimamura’s surprise visit

Part of what makes Shimamura and Adachi so strong is easily the interactions between characters, and I’d argue that Shimamura gets the best ones. Particularly when it comes to Yashiro and Adachi. In the case of the former, Adachi works quite well as a foil, whereas she seems to be very playful towards Adachi. Almost like Shimamura is flirting or something… whatever the case may be, this episode is a lot of fun.

Hino & Nagafuji

Apparently Hino and Nagafuji have always been like this

The adaptation of the aforementioned interlude is split up throughout this episode, but ultimately we get a pretty clear idea of where things stand in Hino and Nagafuji’s relationship. There is a slight change from the light novel, though. Nagafuji licks Hino after kissing her forehead, and that is when Hino backs away. In the anime, its just the kiss.

Shimamura in casual clothes

Shimamura’s casual wear. Adachi likes what she sees.

Then we move on to what is pretty much a date, except there is a plus one. Yashiro joins Adachi and Shimamura. Time for me to highlight another difference between light novel and manga, and this time it is Yashiro’s outfit.
Here, she’s wearing the same dress from earlier on in the episode. In the light novel, she was wearing a blue skirt paired with a shirt that read FLAT BUTTE on the front. I’m disappointed they didn’t give Yashiro her FLAT BUTTE, but whatever…

Shimamura & Adachi

Adachi being all jealous and clingy is actually really adorable

There is a lot to enjoy from this episode, especially when it comes the last part where Adachi and Shimamura go on a date… accompanied by Yashiro. I know that I said that Yashiro is insanely cute, but we continue to see a lot of Adachi’s adorable side here as well. Yashiro unexpectedly joining them might actually be a good thing.

Yashiro & Adachi

Adachi gets competitive against Yashiro

I also love seeing Adachi’s competitive side come out when she is bowling with Shimamura and Yashiro.
Oh, uh, I should also probably mention that it seems that Shimamura has a pretty good idea of what Adachi is like, particularly since she tells her a couple of times not to run away. I’m pretty sure Adachi was considering it, but I guess her desire to be with Shimamura won out in the end.

We may only be three episodes in, but I can already state with confidence that Adachi and Shimamura is a strong contender for being one of my favourite shows of this season. This was another fantastic episode, with plenty of really fun moments.

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1 Response to Adachi and Shimamura Episode 3: Professional Bowlinger

  1. OG-Man says:

    Didn’t expect Erio Touwa to be part of this show. Truly an unexpected surprise.

    Besides that Adachi is SO GOOD while Shimamura’s struggle feels like watching a less painful Touko.


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