Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 29: Pursuing Strength

Nodoka is keen to grow stronger in the twenty-ninth episode of Healin’ Good PreCure, but her approach towards that goal might not be the best.

Nodoka & Rabirin

Nodoka ready to go for a longer run

In this episode, Nodoka is keen to push herself even further than before as she feels responsible for Daruizen. Her extended running schedule and bigger lunch cause concern for her friends, and Asumi seeks out a way to help Nodoka relieve her stress without pushing herself too hard.

Chiyu, Nodoka and Hinata

A tired Nodoka with Chiyu and Hinata

As far as this episode’s plot goes, it is pretty typical for PreCure. After a certain event, a character tries to take too much on by themselves. This is when said character usually sees a bit of themselves in a side character.


Kanamori from the brass band

In this case, the side character is Kotoe Kanamori. She’s in the brass band, but was absent for a while. She wants to make up for lost time and is pushing herself to reach the same level as her fellow band members.

Asumi raps

Now I want to hear an Asumi version of “Excuse My Rudeness, But Could You Please RIP?”

Whilst most of this episode takes place at Nodoka’s school, we do have an entertaining segment where Asumi tries to find something that can help Nodoka relieve her stress. An amusing distraction, although I guess it doesn’t really help Nodoka in the long run.

Monster of the Week

Powered up Mega Byo-gen

With the instruments and a character with “prince” as a nickname, this episode is giving off some Suite PreCure vibes. I guess the Sound Element also adds to that.
Our monster of the week this time around is a powered-up Mega Byo-gen.

Cure Grace

Cure Grace rushes in

As befitting the theme of the episode, Cure Grace attempts to rush in by herself. This leads to the first incidence of Cure Scan getting interrupted. Makes a change from the Mega Byo-gen just sitting there and letting it happen, I guess.

Cure Earth and Cure Grace

Cure Earth tells Cure Grace that she can rely on others

Kind of wished the Mega Byo-gen put up more resistance after Earth spoke to Grace, but it was quickly dispatched. Things get wrapped up pretty quickly.
With the receipt of what could potentially be the last Element Bottle, you’d think something would happen. That turns out not to be the case, at least not just yet. I pretty much echo Nyatoran’s thoughts on that.

Nodoka, Rabirin and Asumi

Asumi joins Nodoka on her run

The episode wraps up with a lesson learned, and an improved running schedule for Nodoka courtesy of Chiyu.

A decent episode overall. Next time, a trip to the zoo.

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