Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 28: Evolution

Nodoka is not feeling too well in the the twenty-eighth episode of Healin’ Good PreCure. This episode also offers an insight into how Byogens evolve, as well as a connection to Nodoka’s past.

Nodoka and parents in hospital

Nodoka’s parents take her to the hospital

After an encounter with Daruizen, Cure Grace is struck down and falls ill. Nodoka’s symptoms are the same from her illness when she was younger, so her parents take her to the hospital. Her friends gather to help her pull through, whilst learning a bit more about how the Byogens operate.

Hinata, Chiyu, Asumi and Latte

Hinata, Chiyu and Asumi discuss the Byogens’ evolution

There’s some quite interesting info to be found in this episode, particularly when it comes to the Byogens. We know that Mega Byo-gens serve as the monsters of the week, but the ones that mature beyond that stage are called Tera Byogens. In other words, the enemy generals are Tera Byogens. Apparently they’re effectively leftovers from when Teatine fought King Byogen.

Nodoka and Rabirin

Nodoka’s PreCure powers help her push through

This episode does spend a bit of time on characters reacting to Nodoka’s sudden illness. You know, the typical moping stuff, with characters feeling useless, or regretting certain decisions. Fortunately, that doesn’t go on for too long.

Asumi, Chiyu, Pegitan, Nyatoran and Hinata

Asumi, Chiyu, Hinata and the other Healing Animals visit Nodoka and Rabirin

If this was a darker anime, much of the stuff that Nodoka said to Rabirin would almost certainly be a death flag. But, this is PreCure, and though things may get dark at times, things tend to turn out all right in the end.

Nodoka recovered

Happy, healthy Nodoka is best Nodoka

Though Nodoka may overcome the illness, there is still some business for her and the others to attend to. Also, apparently nobody heard the commotion in her hospital room, and she was able to leave without any problems whatsoever. Don’t worry too much about that stuff, I guess…


Our monster of the week this time is a Tera Byogen, Kedari

The reveal of Kedari triggers memories within Daruizen, and this episode reveals how the latter came to be. There is a connection he has with Nodoka, and that is something he decides to tell her a little later on.

Cure Fontaine, Cure Sparkle, Cure Grace & Cure Earth

Kedari proves to be a powerful foe for PreCure

PreCure struggle to land a hit on Kedari at first, but ultimately I would say that the battle ends up being somewhat anticlimactic. Of course it ends the same way that many other battles have ended. I guess it was ultimately just something that would give us a reason to see Daruizen’s memories of how he came to be.

Happy, healthy Nodoka

Happy, healthy Nodoka

This episode comes to a close with Nodoka deciding she needs to be the one to do something about Daruizen.

There was certainly some interesting stuff to be seen in this episode. I did like learning more about how the antagonists work, and we see that Nodoka unwittingly crossed paths with the Byogens in her youth.
We also get a bit of that adult fear, with Nodoka’s parents worried over her falling ill again with something unknown.

Next time, Nodoka really starts pushing herself.

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