Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina Episode 2: Close to Zero

We’ve seen how Elaina got her start, so now her travels can start proper with this second episode. The Ashen Witch’s journey takes her to a country of mages, where she finds herself becoming a teacher.


Elaina approaches her next destination

In this episode, Elaina enters the Country of Mages. There, she encounters a young lass named Saya. Saya is training to be a witch, so she asks Elaina to teach her. Due to specific circumstances, Elaina agrees to help her out.


Saya – she’s fine, by the way. Don’t worry about the blood

What we have here is an adaptation of chapter one of the light novel, which is titled “The Country of Mages”. Interestingly, Funimation opted to translate the title as “The Land of Mages”. Things are pretty in line with the source material.

Elaina in the bath

Panty shots are a no-go, but bath scenes are fine

I wonder how many people picked up on a certain detail after Saya crashed into Elaina? I’m sure light novel/manga readers were on the lookout for it, since I know I was. I wander how many people who are anime only picked up on it before it was mentioned.


Elaina instructing Saya

Besides Elaina’s interactions with Saya, this episode also provides us with a little more insight into what is involved with becoming a witch. It’s neat little touches like that that help to build the world. Saya seems to be a quick study, though…

Elaina and Saya

Someone seems pretty ecstatic to be so close to Elaina…

We get some fun stuff with Elaina and Saya, even if the latter isn’t exactly being completely honest about certain things. It all comes together nicely in the end, though.

Saya hugs Elaina

This links nicely back to the first episode

Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina continues making a strong impression with its anime adaptation. It is definitely doing Jougi Shiraishi’s work justice, and I am looking forward to seeing which other chapters will get the anime treatment.
Excellent episode.

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