Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 27: Laugh of Resignation

A hot air balloon competition takes place in the twenty-sixth episode of Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure, and it is where Asumi discovers what frustration feels like.

Hot air balloons

Something feels familiar here…

In this episode, the Hanadera family and Asumi go to a hot air balloon competition to cheer one of the teams. Asumi can feel the participants’ passion, but when things don’t work out she discovers frustration. Asumi ends up temporarily joining the team as she can predict the wind, but the competition is soon interrupted.

Hinata, Nyatoran, Nodoka, Rabirin, Asumi & Latte

Hinata joins Nodoka and Asumi at the event

The main focus of this episode is the hot air balloon competition, which ties into Asumi’s continued growth. The emotion of the day this time around is frustration, which is something Asumi managed to avoid encountering up until this episode.

Asumi, Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata

Chiyu joins the others

Asumi struggles to work out what the new feeling she experiences is, but Chiyu is on hand to inform her. It is the not the first time she has done so, and probably won’t be the last.

Asumi & Latte

Asumi giving directions based on the wind

Considering Asumi’s affinity for the wind, it kind of feels like her joining the competition is cheating. Not that it really matters, though, since something comes up that requires her urgent attention.

Monster of the Week

Hot air balloon turned Mega Byo-gen

Right, so a hot air balloon in mid-flight was transformed into a Mega Byo-gen. Since it was in the air, that must mean that at least one person was in the basket. What happened to them? That is a question that goes completely unanswered.
Also, for what is supposed to be a powered-up Mega Byo-gen, it just feels like a typical enemy. Sure, the Cures say it is strong, but it doesn’t seem to give them all that much trouble.

Cure Earth

Cure Earth pulls out a new technique

One notable thing to come from the fight is a new technique from Cure Earth. It doesn’t have a name, or at least she doesn’t say one, but it does appear to be some kind of wind manipulation. It’s pretty neat. Other than that, business as usual for the monster of the week fight.

Daruizen & Cure Earth

That can’t be good

Then we get to the end of the episode, and things do not look good for Cure Grace. We’ll have to wait to see what happens to her until the next episode, though.

So yeah, fairly decent episode overall. The ending is definitely the thing that stood out most here, though. Next time, the aftermath of Cure Grace’s encounter with Daruizen.

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