Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 25: Josephine

In the twenty-fifth episode of Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure, Pegitan pulls a disappearing act.

The drama that Chiyu and Pegitan were watching

When Pegitan decides to get some alone time, he happens to be spotted by a young girl. The girl, named Riri, takes him to her home, and he discovers that she is lonely. Pegitan’s sudden disappearance causes concern for Chiyu, so she and the others search for him.

Josephine & Riri

Riri with Pegitan, who she dubs “Josephine”

We’re getting a Pegitan episode this time around. I guess that they want to show us the bond between Chiyu and her partner, although it is never in doubt. Pegitan isn’t the one who actively runs away, instead he is taken by Riri who mistakes him for a dumped toy.

Nodoka & Rabirin

The search for Pegitan

With the focus on Pegitan for this episode, Nodoka and the others pretty much get to do the bare minimum. They help with the search and the usual PreCure stuff. Other than that, this episode is all about Chiyu, Pegitan and Riri.


Chiyu unable to focus due to worrying about Pegitan

Chiyu is affected by Pegitan’s disappearance, and this episode does show that. It only does it in small snippets, though. You’d think they might show her struggling with high jump or something, but no, we just see her distracted in class. I guess that’s decent enough to convey what Chiyu is feeling.

Monster of the Week

Just a simple Mega Byo-gen this week, no power ups here.

For the regularly scheduled monster of the week, we’re getting back to basics. No Mega Parts are used here, which you’d think would make things easier for Cure Grace and her allies to handle. They are down a member, though, due to Pegitan’s absence.

Cure Fontaine attacks

Cure Fontaine joins the fray

When it comes to the battle, Cure Earth doesn’t steal the show this time around. That does make it kind of inconsistent with the previous fights where she was overwhelming Mega Byo-gen powered up with Mega Parts, but it tends to be best to not think too hard about things like that. If anyone, it is Cure Fontaine who ends up being MVP here.

Pegitan & Riri

Riri still insists on calling Pegitan “Josephine”

As for Riri, ultimately Pegitan’s appearance in her life ends up being an extremely positive thing and things work out well between her and Chiyu.

That wraps up this episode. It was a fun one.

Next time, everyone seems eager to put some distance between themselves and Asumi.

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