Revue Starlight Limited Edition Unboxing

Have I ever mentioned that MVM Entertainment is probably my favourite anime distributor based in the UK? They’ve brought us titles such as Bloom into You, Flip Flappers, Girls’ Last Tour, Love Live! School Idol Project and Princess Principal among many others. The newest addition to their catalogue is Revue Starlight, due for release on September 14th 2020.
Here’s another thing I really like about MVM Entertainment: order directly from their website, and you’ll likely get whatever you ordered a little earlier.
As such, I now have my hands on the Starlight Revue Limited Edition (though the website calls it a Collector’s Edition. The box says Limited Edition, so I’m settling with that). As I have before, I shall be sharing what you can expect to find in said Limited Edition, and maybe some of my thoughts on it.
IMG_20200909_133655IMG_20200909_133707_1I’ll start with the front and back covers of the box that contains everything. Hikari graces the front, whilst you’ll find Karen on the back. Don’t worry, the other Stage Girls will appear soon enough.IMG_20200909_133728_1IMG_20200909_133746_1See? Everyone’s here on both sides of the Blu-ray case. The art of the Stage Girls on both sides of the case is quite pleasing to look at. The same art is also used for both Blu-ray discs, so I’ll forego showing those.IMG_20200909_134155IMG_20200909_134301_1
Then we have ten art cards, which are all double-sided; hence me sharing pictures displaying both sides. If you like the Stage Girls’ thighs, I’ll think you’ll find these art cards to be quite pleasing. Also, judging by how high up Futaba’s skirt is and nothing seemingly being underneath, I’m convinced she is going commando.
Whatever the case may be, it is still some very nice art of the Stage Girls.IMG_20200909_134551_1IMG_20200909_134636IMG_20200909_135227_1
Finally, we have the Revue Starlight Special Booklet. It is a 64 page artbook that includes character descriptions, storyboards and key art. I’ve shared a couple of pages from within the booklet here, but there is much more to see. Again, plenty of nice stuff to look at here, as well as a bit of insight into just one step of producing the anime with the storyboards.

That is everything you’ll get in the Revue Starlight Limited Edition. All in all, good stuff.

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