Thoughts on Our Wonderful Days Volume 3

Kei Hamuro’s Our Wonderful Days manga series ends with its third volume. Our time spent with Koharu, Mafuyu, Minori and Nanaya is coming to a close. So, does this final volume wrap up the series in a satisfactory way, or will it leave readers wanting more? Well, hopefully I can shed a little light on that.
This final volume contains chapters fourteen through to eighteen.

Our Wonderful Days Volume 3

Front cover of the third and final volume of Our Wonderful Days, featuring Mafuyu Shirotsuki, Koharu Hanamura, Minori Kazami and Nanaya Asuka

The Early Days of Love
It’s summertime, and that means summer vacation! As the friends spend more time together, Mafuyu’s crush on Koharu grows. Can Mafuyu confess her feelings? And does Koharu feel the same way? Find out in the final volume of the sweet yuri series, Our Wonderful Days!.

Even in this final volume, Minori and Nanaya continue to be something of a spotlight stealing squad. Sure enough Mafuyu and Koharu get the focus they so thoroughly deserve, but that only comes after more fun Minori and Nanaya interactions.

Naturally a lot of it is the time that Minori and Nanaya spend together, but we do also get to see what Nanaya is like when she is alone; something of a rare occurrence for her. The word “pining” comes to mind.
As wonderful as Minori and Nanaya’s interactions with each other are, it would be remiss of me not to focus some attention on Mafuyu and Koharu as well.

Particularly as we get some pretty important developments with their relationship. It is the final volume, after all, so I guess you’d expect that kind of thing to happen. That particular thing begins with Koharu having a particular dream – and whilst most of it could only happen within a dream, there is one part that she does get to make reality.

As for the way Our Wonderful Days ends; we get a wonderful pay off with Koharu and Mafuyu, with a pretty amusing reaction coming from Minori and Nanaya when Mafuyu breaks the news to them. Let’s just say nobody is really shocked to discover what has been plainly obvious for a little while now.

Much like its previous volumes, this one provides a lot of fun interactions with its four characters. I do feel that Koharu and Mafuyu never quite escape the shadow of Minori and Nanaya, but ultimately Our Wonderful Days gave us two fun couples who were a joy to read about. Definitely a wonderful addition to the yuri genre.

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