Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 21: New Experiences

After making her debut as Cure Earth, Asumi spends much of episode 21 of Healin’ Good PreCure getting used to everyday life. Nodoka has her work cut out for her, though.

Nodoka, Latte, Chiyu, Hinata and Asumi

Asumi decides she’ll sleep in the middle of nowhere

In this episode, Asumi has to get used to living a normal, everyday life. Being a relatively new existence, though, means that she needs some guidance to do so. Nodoka takes it upon herself to ensure that Asumi can adjust to her circumstances.

Nodoka introduces Asumi to her parents

I love how animated Nodoka is when she introduces Asumi to her parents

With this episode, I now have to say that I like Asumi a lot. She’s awesome as Cure Earth, and as Asumi Fuurin, she is a lot of fun. Even if that naivete does cause trouble for Nodoka, but it does ultimately lead to the two bonding.

Nodoka stops Asumi from sleeping outside

Nodoka stops Asumi from sleeping outside

Also, I didn’t quite realise just how tall Asumi was until she met Nodoka’s parents. She’s even taller than both of them, so it is no wonder that they thought Asumi was older than Nodoka. Of course, Asumi is quite quirky, leaving Nodoka to cover for her eccentricities. She does manage it, though.


Asumi gives the impression of not enjoying the process of eating

Got to give credit to Nodoka, though. She does everything she can to help Asumi out, and that is actually something that Asumi acknowledges a little later on in the episode. Whilst this may seem like an Asumi episode, Nodoka has just as an important role to play.

Nodoka, Rabirin, Latte and Asumi

Nodoka saves Asumi from traffic, scraping her hand in the process

Looks like Asumi gets herself a new default outfit, and I have to say I quite like her look. She looks good anyway, but this is nice. Just don’t ask where the new clothes came from, because I doubt anything Nodoka’s family have would actually fit Asumi…
Also, Asumi almost get isekai’d, because she had no understanding of traffic lights. Nodoka stops that from happening, though.

Monster of the Week

Mega Byo-gen powered up with Mega Parts

Asumi asks why Nodoka is helping her, but that conversation is cut short by the arrival of the monster of the week. It seems that the method for powering up the Mega Byo-gen uses Mega Parts, which are harvested from the previously created Mega Byo-gens. The appearance of the enemy means that it is time for PreCure to do their thing.

Healin' Good PreCure

The first instance of all four Cures transforming at the same time

Whilst I do like Cure Earth’s transformation sequence a lot, it is kind of shame that it is separate from the other three. The full transformation sequence has Grace, Fontaine and Sparkle transform first, followed by Earth, and then we get the group shot of all four.

Grace and Earth

Cure Earth protects Cure Grace

During the battle, Cure Earth comes to realise just why Cure Grace is so keen to help everyone she can, thanks to their conversation from earlier. The battle comes to an end in the usual manner following that, and thus the episode starts wrapping up.

So yeah, overall a really enjoyable episode. I really like Asumi, and Nodoka was no slouch in this episode, either. I feel pretty confident in saying that Asumi is now a very welcome addition to the cast, even if she did just kind of come out of nowhere at first.

Next time, we’re still focusing on Asumi.

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