Summer 2020 Anime: Thoughts So Far

We are now over halfway through the summer season of anime, so it is about time for me to share my impressions of each show that I have been watching this season. It started out a bit sparse, but a few shows returned from hiatus. Even then, it is still a relatively quiet season.
A Certain Scientific Railgun TACSRT - Frenda & SatenThe Dream Ranker Arc is underway, and we’ve seen Kuroko change the future and some unlikely friendships form. There’s been some pretty funny moments, but things are getting more serious as of the most recent episode at the time of writing. Still enjoyable, though.

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO ~ OHMORI ~BDGBPPOThis series of shorts based on the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! mobile game is a lot of fun. It is the second season of such shorts, and every episode has been a laugh. Anything goes here, which really adds to the humour.

BNNG - Cloaked BorutoBORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS has started its next major story arc, which involves the Hashirama Cell. It has been decent enough so far. Don’t really have much else to say here.

Diary of Our Days at the BreakwaterDoODatBDiary of Our Days at the Breakwater was one of the unfortunate shows that got delayed, but it feels so good to have the fishing girls back once more. It is so nice to just watch the girls do their thing, whether it is fishing or just hanging out together.

The God of High SchoolTGoHSSome pretty solid martial arts action from The God of High School. Can’t help but feel that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was a major influence on this one, especially now we’ve seen charyeok in action. The tournament may be the main focus, but there are things going on behind the scenes with a shady organisation, because of course.

Healin’ Good PreCureCure EarthThe newest addition to the team, Cure Earth, has officially made her debut here. She’s made a pretty decent first impression, though I am most curious to see how she interacts with the main trio as Asumi – the focus of the next episode at the time of writing. Still, Healin’ Good PreCure has been a good time so far, even with its hiatus.

Lapis Re:LiGHTsLRLapis Re:LiGHTs has been excellent so far. It may be an idol anime, but the idol stuff is almost secondary. Instead, there’s been a greater focus on the character interactions, as well as the magic they all use. I’ve been having a lot of fun watching this show.

One PieceOP - Luffy & HyogoroThe Wano Kuri arc continues in One Piece, with everyone gradually moving towards what promises to be a major event. We’ve had a solid fight from Zoro, and Luffy’s training has been entertaining to watch. The other members of the Straw Hat crew are contributing in their own ways as well, but safe to say that Luffy and Zoro are having the most impact.

UMAYONUMAYONAnother series of shorts, but this one is based on Umamusume: Pretty Derby. Each episode may only be three minutes long, but it is still relatively amusing.

That wraps up my thoughts on the shows I have been watching for this summer season. Whilt a few shows may have returned from hiatus, it is still relatively quiet. Despite that, there has been some excellent stuff here. Lapis Re:LiGHTS in particular has been quite the highlight for me.

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