Fairy Tail Guild Box Unboxing

Gust and Koei Tecmo have developed and released a game based on Hiro Mashima’s FAIRY TAIL manga, and I decided I would pre-order the Guild Box edition of the game a few months ago. Now it is July 30th, and the game has been released. As ever with these types of things, I shall be sharing what is inside the Guild Box.IMG_20200730_135325Might as well start with the Guild Box itself. Some of the more important characters adorn the front of the box, though not every one of them is a wizard from the Fairy Tail guild. Looks nice, though.IMG_20200730_135505IMG_20200730_135523 (2)Next we delve into the box and take a look at what it contains within. Might as well start with the game itself – I opted for the Nintendo Switch version, but FAIRY TAIL is also available on the PlayStation 4 or Steam if you so prefer. A look inside the case reveals a few bikini-clad ladies.IMG_20200730_135620Next, we have three 3D character cards, featuring Natsu Dragneel, Erza Scarlet and Gray Fullbuster. The 3D effect does not come across in this picture here, but definitely does when you see them with your own eyes.IMG_20200730_135726_1Next is a Special Sticker Set, featuring the five central characters of the franchise. Nice to look at, but I probably won’t be sticking them anywhere anytime soon.IMG_20200730_135907_1Here we have a B2 cloth poster, featuring original art by Hiro Mashima. If I recall correctly, Kecmo Toei held a Twitter poll to determine which piece of art should get used here. The one with the girls in swimsuits won, surprising nobody.IMG_20200730_140211_1Finally, we have the Sorcerer Magazine Special Issue: Game Release Edition. This might just be my favourite item in the Guild Box. It is a recreation of a publication that reports on all the news in the wizarding world in FAIRY TAIL. Effectively it is an artbook, made in a way that makes it seem that it was lifted straight out of FAIRY TAIL. Here’s a look at a few of the pages within:IMG_20200730_142107_1IMG_20200730_142046IMG_20200730_142147That wraps up a look at the Fairy Tail Guild Box, which contains some really quite neat items. I guess all that’s left for me to do is just sit down and enjoy the game now.

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