Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 17: Core of the Job

Chiyu is in the spotlight for episode seventeen of Healin’ Good PreCure, which sees her helping out at Ryokan Sawaizumi. She wants to do her best for her guests, but there is one young girl that she needs to do that little bit extra for.

Chiyu & Toji

Chiyu and her younger brother Toji

In this episode, Chiyu helps out at her family’s hot spring inn. She learns what it means to be an exceptional innkeeper from her grandmother, and is determined to extend the same service to the guests. A foreign family stays at the inn, and Chiyu notices their daughter is feeling melancholy. Chiyu takes it upon herself to try and cheer the girl up.

Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata

Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata chatting over lunch

So we’re getting a Chiyu episode, which presents to us a future career that she might pursue. Ideally she’d keep a balance between high jump and innkeeping, though I could see a future episode where she is forced to choose one or the other. For now, though, the focus is mainly on her abilities as an innkeeper.

Haruka & Chiyu

Chiyu’s grandmother adds a personal touch to each guest’s room

It is pretty clear that innkeeping is in Chiyu’s blood, as she handles all the tasks she is assigned with ease. Her grandmother shows here that there is a bit more to it than that, though.

Emily & Chiyu

Emily and Chiyu

The arrival of a foreign family presents a challenge for Chiyu to overcome. The daughter, Emily, doesn’t seem to particularly happy. Chiyu takes it upon herself to try and cheer Emily up, but it isn’t something that just happens.

Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata at the beach

Nodoka, Hinata and the others try to cheer Chiyu up

Hinata deciding to check up on Chiyu is pretty amusing, but it turns out seeing Nodoka and Hinata is exactly what she needs after spending some time with Emily. I also like that Nodoka knows immediately what it is that needs to be done to cheer Chiyu up. Such strong bonds between the three girls; so good.

Chiyu & Emily

Chiyu and Emily talk whilst soaking their feet

After Nodoka and Hinata’s encouragement, Chiyu is able to talk with Emily and learn more about why she is so melancholic. Whilst Chiyu knows what to do to cheer Emily up, one more problem presents itself.

Monster of the Week

Guess we’re on the sillier side of the scale for this Mega Byo-gen

A pretty standard PreCure battle unfolds, with Cure Fontaine almost trying to handle it alone. Of course, Grace and Sparkle are there to back her up. Not really much to say about this fight, but that’s fine: Chiyu is the highlight of this episode, not Cure Fontaine.

Latte recovered

After the battle

One more Element Bottle is added to the collection, and Chiyu can finally enact her plan for cheering Emily up.

Emily's new friend

Well, looks like Emily has a new friend

Hopefully Emily gets to be a recurring character; I would like to see how she gets on with her new friends. It seems that there is one girl in particular that she is quite taken with…

That wraps up episode seventeen, and it was a good one. I expected that to be the case when I saw that it would be focusing on Chiyu, and it met my expectations.
Emily definitely added to the quality of this episode. We got to see Chiyu’s kindness and inherent ability as an innkeeper as she worked to cheer the young lass up.

Excellent stuff from Healin’ Good PreCure as ever. Next time, a Nyatoran episode.

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