Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 16: Eternal Tree

Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata intend to vow themselves to each other eternally in this episode, but they discover the tree where they should do it isn’t looking so great.

The Eternal Tree

The Eternal Tree isn’t looking so eternal…

After hearing about the Eternal Tree, Nodoka wants to swear a vow of eternal friendship with both Chiyu and Hinata there. However, the three discover the tree’s time has come. That doesn’t stop an old man from visiting it everyday, though. The girls learn from the Tree Element that the old man made a vow with two of his friends a long time ago, and they decide to try and reunite them.

Listening to the Tree Element

Communicating with the Tree Element

Any episode of Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure that puts a focus on the relationship between Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata is fine by me, and that is exactly what this one does. Of course, there’s also the stuff with old man Tetsuya and his friends, but that all pretty much ties in to Nodoka and company’s bonds growing.

Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata vow to the Eternal Tree

Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata make their vow to the tree

Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata plan to hold a festival to celebrate the Eternal Tree, in the hopes of reuniting Tetsuya and his friends. It isn’t made clear exactly how long it takes for the girls to put it all together, but they manage to come up with something before the tree is due to be cut down.

Chiyu, Nodoka and Hinata

Chiyu, Nodoka and Hinata putting their plan into action

Of course, not everything goes smoothly. Yep, Batetemoda attacks and turns the tree into a Mega Byo-gen.

Monster of the Week

That’s probably not going to do any favours for the tree

Does Batetemoda gain anything from turning a mostly dead tree into a Mega Byo-gen? There seems to be many more suitable targets, but the tree is central to this episode, so I guess that’s how things gotta be.

Grace protects Tetsuya, Hideo and Fumi

Tetsuya is reunited with his friends

The circumstances lead to Tetsuya being reunited with his friends. They go off to find a safe place whilst Pretty Cure take care of business. Cure Grace has some pretty sweet dodging skills.

Chiyu, Nodoka and Hinata mourn the tree

The Eternal Tree didn’t make it

It seems like this episode might end on a bit of a sad note, but a closer inspection of the tree reveals that there may be some hope.

Great episode. I absolutely adore Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata, and episodes like this one that focus on the trio tend to be highlights of this season of PreCure.

Next time, a Chiyu episode. Looking forward to that.

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1 Response to Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 16: Eternal Tree

  1. OG-Man says:

    This show needs to end with the three marrying each other or something alluding to a polyamorous wedding.

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