Thoughts on How Do We Relationship? Volume 1

Time for us to take a look at another yuri manga, How Do We Relationship? by Tamifull. The story focuses on the shy Miwa, who meets another girl called Saeko. Both are lesbian, and the story focuses on their growing relationship when they decide that they should date each other.
Viz Media have licensed the manga for an English release. This first volume contains chapter one through nine.

How Do We Relationship Volume 1

Front cover of the first volume of How Do We Relationship?, featuring Miwa and Saeko, with their bandmates Mikkun, Lucha and Hiro in the background

Shy Miwa has always dreamed of finding love, but living in small-town Japan made finding the right match difficult – especially since she likes girls! Even going away to college didn’t seem to help, until one day her outgoing classmate Saeko suggests they might as well start dating each other since it’s not like either of them has other options.
At first it seems like things won’t work as their personalities clash and misunderstandings abound. But when their casual friendship starts to become something more, Miwa begins to wonder – can a pragmatic proposal lead to true love?

The first thing that I want to say about How Do We Relationship? is that I really, really like Tamifull’s art style. Pick out almost any panel from the manga, and the characters look so cute. When the need arises for them to be sexy, Tamifull pulls that off as well.

The great art tells a compelling story, too. Saeko is a fun character with her outgoing personality, and Miwa makes a good contrast. The two mesh extremely well, although Miwa wants to take things slow, whereas Saeko has only one thing on her mind. To Saeko’s credit, her feelings for Miwa do develop as the story goes on.

The central characters are great, but what about the side characters? Most prominent are Miwa and Saeko’s bandmates, Mikkun, Hiro and Lucha. They could have ended up just being “those three guys”, but actually they all around decent folk. They have no problem supporting Miwa and Saeko once they learn about them.
Any story that has the main characters join a band is all right by me.

That’s another key point of How Do We Relationship?: Miwa and Saeko learning to be comfortable with their sexuality. Various events from both girls’ pasts left them with negative experiences, but they quickly come to learn that the people they are surrounded by in the present are decent folk. They have no need to hide anything.

Of course, not everything can go perfectly and Miwa and Saeko do have their share of troubles with their relationship. The kind of troubles that only lead to the girls growing closer if they can overcome them, perhaps with a little push from their friends.
Then there’s the more intimate matters, which is something that they have to try and figure out on their own.

How Do We Relationship? brings together a strong cast into a compelling story, and is definitely well worth the attention of any yuri fan. Its first volume is a strong start for the series. I very much look forward to seeing what the future holds for Miwa and Saeko.

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  1. alsmangablog says:

    I enjoyed this manga too, it’s nice to a different approach to a romance story and have the focus be on the characters building a loving relationship, rather then on the process of them getting together. I was also glad that the bandmates all turned out to be nice and supportive guys.

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