Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 15: Lavendaruma

A recurring episode type throughout the PreCure franchise is one where two characters end up having a fight. Episode 15 is that kind of episode, and the two who fight this time around are Nodoka and Rabirin.

Nodoka and Rabirin rub cheeks

Nodoka and Rabirin are getting along extremely well at the beginning of the episode

When Rabirin spots a mascot character called Lavendaruma, she finds it to be very cute and enlists Nodoka’s help in acquiring a plush version of one. However, Rabirin is embarrassed when Nyatoran sees her with the plush, she throws it aside. That doesn’t exactly please Nodoka, and the two have a fight. Of course, the enemy shows up, but Nodoka finds herself unable to transform. That is when Latte (or “Rate”, but I know what name I’m sticking with) steps in.

Rabirin hugs Nodoka

Rabirin is ecstatic when Nodoka agrees to help her

This episode spends plenty of time establishing that Nodoka and Rabirin are friends, even repeating it at least once to really drill that message in. You know, you have to build them up before making them fall. Regardless, Nodoka and Rabirin’s interactions are cute.

Nodoka & Rabirin with Lavendaruma plush

This is where Nodoka and Rabirin’s fight starts

Nyatoran is pretty much the one to blame for the fight happening in the first place. Then again, Rabirin’s emotions do play a part in it as well. That is something that she acknowledges later on.

Monster of the Week

Here’s this week’s foe

Naturally, the enemy attacks whilst Nodoka and Rabirin are not speaking to each other, but cue the usual stock footage – except not quite this time. Seems discordant emotions are a hindrance to transforming into PreCure. Chiyu and Hinata have no problems, so they fight.

Sparkle & Fontaine

Cure Sparkle and Cure Fontaine leap into battle

Whilst Cure Fontaine and Cure Sparkle fight the monster, Nodoka and Rabirin have to try and deal with their own problem. Latte isn’t putting up with their nonsense, despite being ill due to the Mega Byo-gen.

Latte glares at Rabirin

Latte puts Nodoka and Rabirin in place

It is only a relatively small scene, but my appreciation for Latte has increased with it. It also makes a nice change from the usual situation where Latte can’t do anything when she is ill. Perhaps this could be a sign that Latte’s constitution is actually improving.

Cure Grace

Cure Grace is back

Thanks to Latte, Nodoka and Rabirin are able to put their differences aside and Cure Grace joins the fight.

Cure Grace sticks her tongue out

Cure Grace is wonderful

Something about Cure Grace seems extra badass once she returns. Hibiki Tachibana’s spirit burns brightly inside her, and not just because she is voiced by Aoi Yuuki.

After the battle, the status quo is restored and everyone is happy again. Another great episode of Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure, I’d say. When you have a fantastic cast, fantastic episodes seem to come naturally. This may have been a Nodoka and Rabirin episode, but Latte’s contribution makes her the MVP.

Excellent stuff as usual. Next time involves a tree.

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