Thoughts on Breasts Are My Favourite Things in the World! Volume 1

Boobs! Now that I have your attention, I would like to share my thoughts on a manga about boobs. Or more specifically, a girl who loves boobs. Breasts Are My Favourite Things in the World! is a manga written and illustrated by Wakane Konbu, first published in Japan in 2018.
Yen Press have licensed the series for an English language release. The first volume contains chapters zero through to nine.

Breasts Are My Favourite Things in the World Volume 1

Front cover of the first volume of Breasts Are My Favourite Things in the World, featuring Hana Harumi and Chiaki Ichihara

Chiaki Ichihara is the princely heartthrob all the girls crush on, but she’s got a not-so-charming secret: a serious boob fetish! Chiaki is so obsessed with breasts, she can hardly function without copping a feel. To satiate this need (and keep her classmates from finding out), she has enlisted Hana Harumi, whose perfectly sized and shaped bust may just be everything Chiaki’s ever wanted… Will their odd partnership bloom into a bosom bond like no other?

First things first: Breasts Are My Favourite Things in the World! is an ecchi title, but I suspect the title already gave that one away. It certainly won’t be for everyone. For those who can stomach it, there is a fun read to be found here.

The introduction of the two main characters happens pretty quickly; we have Chiaki, who is obsessed with boobs, and Hana, who has big boobs. Apparently Chiaki can barely function without touching breasts, and Hana willingly goes along with that.
I think that’s quite an important point to consider; Hana always consents to Chiaki touching her breasts. Chiaki may have a boob fetish, but from what I have seen from this first volume, she would never do anything to make Hana feel uncomfortable.

That should probably clue you into Hana’s feelings on the whole situation. She could probably just tell Chiaki no at any time, and yet she keeps letting her touch her breasts time and time again. Hana might not be entirely honest with her feelings.

On the flip side, Chiaki is dense. Girls swoon over her left, right and centre, yet she barely realises. She knows that she gives off the image of a perfect senpai to her juniors, but that is about as far as it extends.
Naturally, that means she is completely oblivious when it comes to Hana, as well. Chiaki is just in it for Hana’s boobs, but perhaps their skinship could develop into something more. It might take a while, though.

Besides Chiaki and Hana, one other character is introduced in this volume. She is Kana Kashiwagi, from the same archery club as Chiaki. You know, because you have to have at least one more character who almost discovers the secret that Chiaki and Hana have together.

Breasts Are My Favourite Things in the World! is a pretty straightforward concept, but it definitely has a lot of fun with it. Chiaki’s one track mind is actually pretty amusing, as too are the effects of her going too long without breasts.

If you fancy some ecchi to spice up your yuri, then Breasts Are My Favourite Things in the World might just provide exactly what you are looking for. There’s some pretty decent humour to be found within, too.

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